Things we’ve legitimately overheard at Leeds Uni

“But mines bigger than yours”

Leeds is one of the greatest universities in the country: we rank at 16th in the UK, to be exact. We’ve even been named the UK’s best city for culture. But my god do we say some stupid things. Seriously. It’s hard to believe, I know, but here are some examples of the best/stupidest things heard on Leeds campus.

“Brexit just kinda ruined old people for me”


*While drinking a latte* “Oh god, I’m drinking the pattern. It’s ruining the aesthetic”


Trump’s ban isn’t really bad, it’s only three months. That’s not that long”


“I wouldn’t be a very good homeless person because I don’t have any talents. I don’t even have a dog”


“But mine’s bigger than yours”


“I was literally thinking in my head…mate, you look more of a prostitute than anyone”


*Talking about houses* “Yours has a sort of crack den vibe”


“Oh my god. It’s a penis. That’s too much for Old Bar”


“I just added that one and got loads of dick pics”


University of Leeds