Cipriani group ‘absolutely fucked’ before bus crash

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Rugby stars dropped serious cash on booze before bus accident

• Cipriani and friends were ‘absolutely fucked’ before bus accident
• Group spent £200 in 15 minutes at the Eldon pub, and £140 at Hyde Park pub

Danny Cipriani’s group were “absolutely fucked” when the rugby star was hit by a double decker bus last night, pub landlords say.

Following in a fine tradition of Otley Runs, the crowd of rugby players terrorised traffic and saw off endless booze.

Stuart McCall, duty manager of the Eldon pub told The Tab: “They were absolutely fucked. They had beer bongs and funnels and spent £200 in 15 minutes.”

Danny Cipriani earlier that night

‘Absolutely fucked’…Cipriani’s group were on an Otley Run when the accident happened

“They were stopping traffic in the Hyde Park crossing, and when I refused to serve three of them they ran down the road.”

Lee Fazeckerly, bar supervisor at the Hyde Park Pub, said the “merry” group paid £140 up front.

He said: “They came in at 6.30 and put £140 on the bar tab, and then left at 7.00.”

Cipriani was doing the Otley Run in fancy dress with Sale Sharks team mates, including Wales number eight Andy Powell.


The group of friends had adopted a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme for the event, beginning at Woody’s just before 2pm, with Danny’s teammate Will Addison tweeting “And so it begins”.

But the rowdy star was left with a sorer head than planned after colliding with a double-decker bus outside Halo.

Paramedics treated him for concussion on Woodhouse Lane and he spent the night in hospital.

Danny’s manager James Williamson told The Tab: “It was a group social, I don’t think you can single out Danny for certain behaviour.

“I haven’t spoken to him yet but he is at home recovering and is a bit shaken up.”


  • Andy Powell

    Danny, you’re supposed to be in the vehicle, not in front of it! #golfbuggymaster

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    Is it really necessary to repeat the word “fucked” several times on this article, grow up.

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    More like Craptocurrencies.

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    He looks like a tool!

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      so does the author

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    Nobody wrote about the time Vanessa Phelps got steaming and went streking down Union Street!

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