Jail For Gilmour?

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Charlie GIlmour could face jail after pleading guilty to violent disorder in the student protests last year, although he has been granted bail until after his exams.

It could be absolutely curtains for Girton historian Charlie Gilmour, as he is facing the prospect of being banged up for his role in the student protests last December.

At a hearing today, the Girtonite – who pleaded guilty to violent disorder – was told by judge QC Nicholas Price that his crimes were “of a serious matter”, and may well need a “course of immediate custody” in light of his confession.

He has been granted bail until July 8th to allow him to sit his exams, but the words of the judge suggest that jail could be waiting for the illustrious son of Pink Floyd rocker Dave Gilmour.

And not all questions have been answered yet: Gilmour is yet to admit whether or not he jumped on the bonnet of Charles and Camilla’s car, as they headed off to the Royal Variety Show in the early evening of December 9th.

The fact that Gilmour did not know it was the Cenotaph he was swinging from seemed to undermine the message of the protest to preserve education

Gilmour became a public symbol of the chaotic violence that marred the London protest last year after being photographed swinging from the Cenotaph. He was also captured trying to start a fire at the doors of the Supreme Court.

Other offences include smashing a shop window, aiming a rubbish bin at the Prince of Wales’s car, and stealing a mannequin leg – although the last charge has been dropped.

But unless the now infamous student decides to go on the run or run like hell, jail could await after exams and May Week are over.

Gilmour is not the only Girton historian to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons recently; Philip Brook faced uni disciplinary action last term after a lapse in judgement as TCS editor.

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  • trap

    badly written article. take it you don't do english here. that is all.

    • hrmm

      Capital letters were invented for a reason…

      • trap


  • saint

    The word neek was invented for Charlie Gilmour, a Dot Cotton for the Skins generation. He wears a fucking cape.

    • Batman

      Capes are very in right now

  • What…

    Jail him. Pour encourager les autres.

  • Floyd Song Titles

    Nicely done.

  • Girtonian

    Girtonite? You fucking moron.

  • The Baron

    A Momentary Lapse of Reason one might say…

    • Too many?

      Maybe he has Brain Damage. In any case he's on Thin Ice and his Mother will be disappointed in him. It's Absolutely Curtains for him I'm afraid… when's The Trial?

      • capitals police

        are you even at this university?

        • Are you?

          You've had an absolute mare there.

          • Vera Lynn

            Does anybody here remember me?

            • Hugedog

              yeah from crimwatch…

  • His summer '11

    Exams, May week, Prison, Release, Michaelmas !

  • anti gilmour

    if only he was more like otis ferry

  • Gilmour's a cunt

    Jail the fuck

  • pascalefollet

    Well somebody is a rude gus!

  • normal

    free gilmour!

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