Pink Floyd

Stephen Hawking to appear in Pink Floyd album

Professor Stephen Hawking is set to appear on Pink Floyd’s final album, “The Endless River”

What’s On Week 7

Forget the hail, it’s raining culture this week, hallelujah!

Sounds from the Gowns

ADAM TYNAN asks DR. DAVID BAINBRIDGE about the songs he loves, the songs he hates and the song that just might get you into Cambridge.

The Future of Music?

How does YouTube affect music? KATE WILSON muses.

The Stone Roses Reunion: Fool’s Gold?

THOMAS WILLS on why we should see through the reunion hype and remember that old men sweating on stage are nothing to get excited about.

UPDATE: Gilmour Jailed Following Student Protest

Charlie Gilmour was sentenced to a 16-month spell in prison for acts of violent disorder in the December student protests.

The Sad Demise of Album Art

DAVID HOLLAND laments the demise of proper album artwork, after the release of the beautiful ‘The King Of Limbs’ got him thinking: will the music of this decade be remembered with the monochrome image of Adele scratching her head?

Jail For Gilmour?

Charlie GIlmour could face jail after pleading guilty to violent disorder in the student protests last year, although he has been granted bail until after his exams.

Gilmour Charged For Cenotaph Stunt

Charlie Gilmour was arrested today, due to his involvement with last year’s protests.

Another Prick On A Wall

Girton historian Charlie Gilmour was photographed using a Union Flag to climb the Cenotaph during yesterday’s protests.

The Tab’s Top Ten Tracks

GEORGE OSBORN lists the best stuff you can’t find on Spotify