12 iconic York BeReal moments we’ve all taken

We’ve all been caught waiting for the 66!

Over the past few months, BeReal has become one of the most popular forms of social media. Suddenly you feel okay about your life decisions as you sit in bed watching New Girl AGAIN because when that crucial notification lands, you can see your friends doing the exact same thing.

October doesn’t just mean falsely promising that you will make all your 9am lectures this term, it also means the return of York BeReals after the summer break. So here are 12 absolutely iconic York BeReal moments that we’ve definitely all been guilty of posting.

The watching Netflix instead of studying one

Let’s be honest, I think we’ve ALL been this person. Sometimes when studying in the Morrell gets a bit too much, Netflix is the only option.

No further comment needed.

The studying one

In contrast to the Netflix watchers, we also have the classic studying BeReal. Is it boring af? Yes. Does it account for 99 per cent of my BeReals? Yes.

The Morrell building probably appears more on my BeReal than my friends at this point.

The waiting for the bus one

Because of the unreliability of the 66 and 67, it’s not surprising when BeReal goes off whilst you’re waiting for the bus. Nobody can be certain whether the bus will arrive in two minutes or two hours, so the chaos definitely makes for a worthy BeReal.

In the middle of a lecture one

So dedicated to the cause of BeReal, no lecture hall can get in the way of them posting as soon as that notification lands. It’s honestly admirable and there’s no argument that these people are the most real BeReal users around.

The geese one

If you’re a York student, then there’s a high chance that geese have featured in your BeReals. Why are there so many of them and why are they so scary? It’s a good method of flexing the fact that you’re at York Uni though.

The Courtyard one

Even when the notification has the audacity to go off in the early hours of the morning, there’s always someone who is at Courtyard having a cheeky 11am beverage. I think we’ve all gone to Courtyard with the honest intentions of studying but have somehow winded up on a four-hour-long drinking session instead. The BeReals featuring a laptop with an empty Word document and an alcoholic drink next to it are definitely top tier.

The clubbing one

This is definitely a category most used by the FRAUDSTERS posting five hours late. I would say that this is a forgivable offence just as long as it’s Flares being featured in the BeReal, although the post is usually so blurry that it’s too hard to tell.

The studying with friends one

Is any actual work produced during the studying with friends BeReal? Absolutely not. If you say that you study better with friends, then you’re probably a liar. The gossip sessions in the Piazza will always take priority over my degree.

The hungover one

I think that most of us are guilty of this classic BeReal moment. These posts will most likely feature an empty Efes pizza box in the background and a sad little student in the corner, looking and feeling VIOLENTLY hungover. I appreciate the honesty of publicly posting the fact that you were too busy vomming to make that 9am.

The boozy one

AKA the one before the hungover one. These blurry BeReals are typically taken in the middle of a night out when you suddenly remember that this iconic app exists. The posts may be five hours late, but I honestly think that they’re some of the most iconic. The feeling of waking up the next morning and not remembering the BeReal you took the night before is immeasurable.

The Minster one

The minster BeReal is the most ICONIC York BeReal. It’s essential to feature the Minster at least once in your BeReals as it’s important to let all your friends from home know for the 500th time that you go to York uni.

The Long Boi one

If you’ve ever taken an on time BeReal featuring Long Boi then I’m honestly so jealous. You’re the official winner of the entire app. Wouldn’t ever bother posting again tbh x

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