Here’s which York College all the Derry Girls characters would be in

Jenny Joyce is the Constantine starter pack

Derry Girls is back and I am buzzing about it. Set in 1990s Northern Ireland during the troubles, the award-winning comedy is filled with both wholesome friendships and utter chaos. I mean, seriously, I don’t think I’ll EVER be over the end of last night’s episode.

With Derry Girls currently airing its FINAL season (trying not to cry), it only seems appropriate to see which York colleges these ultimate comfort characters would be in, obviously as a coping mechanism for the void the show is going to leave in my heart.

Erin: Vanbrugh

Erin gives off main character energy, so it’s fitting for her to be at the centre of campus in Vanbrugh. Surrounded by constant gossip and rugby boys to pine over, Erin would never be short of content for the diary and would definitely be running a Vanbrugh confessions account on Instagram.

Dennis: Wentworth

Done with everyone’s shit and just wanting to get on with his work, the aggy owner of Dennis’ wee shop would be a perfect fit for Wentworth. He’d probably spend his time in Wentworth ordering bulk packs of earplugs online to stop hearing students on the 3am walk home from Salvos, and they’d also come in handy to block out any mention of Kamal.

Michelle: Derwent

Michelle is the starter pack Derwent student and would definitely be the cause of some of the questionable stains in P block after seeing the damage she did to Fionnula’s flat. Also getting your vodka destroyed by a nun is just somehow massive Derwent energy.

James: Langwith

His hatred of greasy food makes James a likely candidate for the high-end living of Campus East in Langwith. He’d appreciate being a bus journey away from Michelle’s chaotic behaviour and in a safe place where Efes is nowhere to be seen.

Aunt Sarah: Langwith

Also in Langwith, being right next to the Glasshouse would be Aunt Sarah’s dream. She would love being somewhere so convenient for grabbing drinks with the girlies. Also the sunbeds at Indigo Sun are only a short walk away from Langwith, so best of both worlds for Aunt Sarah x

David Donnelly: Goodricke

Mysterious, distant and aloof David Donnelly would fit right in at Goodricke. After only having about three scenes in season one and two combined, David is somewhat of a mirage himself and yet still lives in my head rent free, just like Goodricke College.

Ma Mary: Alcuin

Not really one for the drama, Ma Mary would likely be in Alcuin college. Her new interest in learning means she’d probably be seen in the library at all hours, seeking refuge in from the Maculay Culkin sort around the rest of campus.

Claire: Alcuin

Claire would absolutely be joining Ma Mary for those all nighters in the Morrell so being in Alcuin would mean a short commute after downing 50 cans of energy drink back in the flat.

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Jenny Joyce: Constantine

With a trust fund to casually dip in and out of, Jenny just screams Constantine energy. She’d either be found working in the library to ensure that all her essays are handed in eight weeks before the deadline or getting down to the Grease megamix in Flares. No inbetween. And of course, the pricey accommodation would be paid for on daddy’s credit card.

Orla: James

Her performance at the talent show in that ICONIC workout getup would definitely place Orla in York’s sporty college, James. She would also probably campaign to be president of the yoga society and make legwarmers a new trend on campus in the process.

Gerry: Halifax

Being the unproblematic king that he is, Gerry would prefer to mind his own business in peaceful Halifax. Although he’d probably just be happy in any college that Grandpa Joe isn’t in.

Sister Michael: Anne Lister

The boujie heights of Anne Lister holds the standards Sister Michael is looking for at Our Lady Immaculate College. Although I don’t think she would’ve survived over in Hull before Anne Lister was built. Only the best of the best for Sister Michael x

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