Here are six alternatives to Heslington Hall for your classic diss photoshoot

Insert diss pun here x

It’s coming up to dissertation hand in season at York and if you don’t take a picture outside Heslington Hall with a caption like “diss was hard” or “diss gal did it” then did you really write a dissertation?

Seriously, the thought of doing a photoshoot with my lovely 10,000 words of questionable value has been the only thing getting me through writing it the last few months.

But if you’re bored of always seeing the same pics outside Hes Hall and want something a little different to spice up your Insta, here are the best alternatives for diss photo locations on York’s campus.

With a campus duck or goose (bonus points for Long Boi)

When setting out to write your dissertation, I bet the kind of academic readership you were striving to reach was the campus geese. Who else? I bet they’d give me a first even if my supervisor won’t.

Bonus points for finding Long Boi and letting him have a read. He was obviously really enthralled by the parallels between Sylvia Plath and Taylor Swift here.


Derwent recently won the vote for the ugliest building on campus so what better way to commemorate than posing in front of its beautiful exterior? I think the scaffolding really adds to its charm too. Maybe you could write a diss on the really profound juxtaposition between Derwent and Heslington Hall right next to each other? English lecturers are QUAKING.

I definitely got some questionable looks for this one.

The place where it all happened

An ode to the place where the magic happened, The Morrell. I even found my diss hiding on the shelves in the history section!

However, I did want to take this at MY seat in the Morrell but some heathen was already sat there. Betrayal.

By the bins

Taking out the trash!

Top of Central Hall

After climbing to the top of campus’ very own spaceship building, there really is no better place to pose with your new child.

Was very tempted to throw her into the lake below though, the ducks seemed so obviously interested it’s only fair I let them have it!

Life’s a climb but the view is great x

With this weird statue

I have no fucking clue what this statue is. Right next to Heslington Hall, this weird statue definitely symbolises something meaningful and profound but after writing this diss I only really have half a brain cell left.

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