Feeling old? Here are seven signs you’re a third year at York

Please take me back to first year x

Being a fresher at York seems like a lifetime ago. A whole pandemic later and here we are. Managing to make every club night and still go to that 9am seems like a lost dream. Now, nights in Salvos are replaced with trying not to cry in Morrell whilst writing that diss chapter which you can’t seem to make sense.

However, third year isn’t just living in the library and trying to convince freshers that a Wednesday night at Flares is so much better than Salvos. If you can relate to these seven things, then you’re definitely a third year veteran of York.

You’re determined to try every cafe and restaurant in York

With all the culinary excellence that York has to offer, from amazing brunch spots to cure the hangover to rustic Italians, there is so much more to explore than McDonald’s or Oki’s cheesy chips after a night out.

Get yourself down to Spark or the Shambles Market and taste the deliciousness on offer before it’s too late!

Salvos Wednesday is the only night out you can actually hack

Sports night is an obvious must whatever year you are in. Dressing up to fit some wonderful, but questionable, themes is the highlight of the week and probably the only social event you’ll make, unless it’s a group trip to Fairhurst.

You’ll wake up Thursday morning still in the bin bag from your ABC social wondering how you ever made it out every night of the week in first year.

People are surprised when you tell them you’re a third year

Making friends in the club is a given on any night out, but the shock on their faces when you admit that you are indeed a third year is something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. A third year in Kuda Tuesday? Don’t you have a diss to work on or adult life to worry about?

And the walk of shame from any campus accommodation after mistakingly getting with a fresher is enough to make you ask for ID next time you consider going home with someone. Mortifying.

You have to turn down nights out to do diss work 

Even if you did want to go to that Sunday Revs, you have to say no so you actually read those 20 sources you promised your diss supervisor you would have read by your next meeting.

Not even those sweet shot sticks can drag you away from the disappointment of your lecturer when you have made no more progress in an entire month.

Packed lunches for the library are now a must 

After paying extortionate prices for meal deals for two years, you finally cave and make the mature decision to take sandwiches with you. Your bank account will sigh with relief as you walk past the crowds of freshers gasping at the prices and fighting over the last hoisin wrap.

You’re now a local at your post night out food outlet of choice 

Whether it’s Oki’s, Deniz’s or Salt and Pepper, you now don’t even need to request cheesy chips, they are merely waiting for you on the counter when you arrive.

Being a third year comes with some perks, and not having to wait in the queues for food when the CB1 is about to leave makes up for the looming end of university life.

Reminiscing on all the lost night outs due to Covid

Now you are having to turn down those cheeky trips to Revs on a Sunday to work on your final projects, you can’t help but mourn all those nights out in first and second year that you were robbed of. Not returning for a summer term in 2020 still haunts you as you have to say no to the third night out this week.

Being a third year you are constantly reminded that you are coming to an end of the best three years of your life. But it’s not all resentment of freshers and bitterness. You now know some of the best spots in York for food and cocktails, championed the sweet spot to miss the queues at all night clubs, and now the world is your oyster.

And hey, if you aren’t ready to leave York yet, a panic masters looks very tempting.

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