I spent a full day in the Morrell Library and slowly lost the will to live

This was the worst idea I’ve ever had

Whether it’s five essays due in the next week or too many Wednesday Salvos, every York student has had a time in their uni life when they’ve contemplated moving into Morrell, or at the very least spending the entire day there. But how horrific would that actually be? To put it to the test, I spent a full day in the Morrell Library so you don’t have to.

When I set out to do this challenge, I intended to spend a full 24 hours in the sweet confines of Morrell. But due to Covid, the Library still isn’t back open 24 hours a day, sad times. So instead I had to opt for 8am to 12am (what a shame).

I also need to preface this with a warning, I would not advise doing this often or ever. Whilst I did it as a challenge with one of my friends who courageously agreed, it wasn’t all fun and games and I would much have rather spent the day in bed.

We started the challenge, sleep deprived but a lot of snacks in tow, at 8am on the dot when the library opened.  I was fully shocked to find so many people waiting and ready to begin working at such an early time, could never be me. This was my last taste of freedom as I prepared to spend until midnight in that very same building.


The morning went smoothly and was fairly enjoyable, mostly just focused on a few hours of work with a few short breaks. Oh how naive I was at this point. We also booked a cozy little study room and did some morning yoga (big up Yoga with Adrienne). Yoga was super fun but we definitely got a few weird looks from the librarians mid downward dog.

I actually managed to get some work done during this time but boy was it downhill from here.


By lunch, all the motivation from the morning had been lost to say the very least and we were knackered already.

We, therefore, took a well-deserved break and ventured to the library café and got vegan hotdogs. These were amazing and I would totally recommend them, definitely made me feel less dread at about the 11 hours we had left.

We also had a work break at this point and watched some Netflix (Gilmore Girls of course) to recharge ready for the afternoon study sesh.


After the much needed energy boost I was ready to get down to business and write all my essays (what joy). A few too many Flares trips and bad time management are not a good combo so fuelled by an energy drink and sheer determination, I began the grueling task of my essay.

Shockingly this was the most productive I had been all day (and ever tbh x) and managed to get a first draft and edit done just in time to watch the sunset.

Apologies for the dirty window photo I was TRAPPED in the library so couldn’t go out with my mate to see the sunset in person, but you will have to trust me when I say it was beautiful.


This is where things got a bit wild. All that pent up energy and boredom meant that I went on a bit of an adventure around the library, which would have been lovely beside the fact I got lost (which shows how much I use the library lol).

Not my finest moment. I fear I’m losing brain cells by the minute.

I did however stumble across the Fairhurst kitchen which I honestly had no idea existed, what a win.

Somewhere deep in the library


As I slowly lost the will to live, I decided to refuel with Dominos which was nearly more than enough to make this whole thing worth it.

I will admit however the library staff were not most pleased about us attempting (badly) to sneak this in. It was fully like a low-budget version of Mission Impossible. The most thrills I felt all day. Maybe I should have offered them a slice to butter them up??


I began to get getting oddly sentimental as the day drew to a close, which was not expected at all. Sweet sweet Morrell was starting to feel oddly rather comfortable (Alexa play Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction)

Don’t get me wrong I was READY for my bed but I think the food coma blurred my sense of reality and before I even realised it was time to finally leave the library for the first time since 8am.

But I have to say fresh air and real daylight, not the fluorescent library lights was a religious experience. I have now become the library, I smell of Eau d’Morrell and I see books when I close my eyes.

FINALLY out of here

Upon reflection, I  would not recommend spending a full day in the library by any means. You will waste a ton of money on food, you get weird looks from the librarians, the lights are WAY too bright to actually be able to sleep, and obviously you’ll go stir crazy.

Please do not quote me on this though when I leave my next essay to the night before, however x

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