Deadline stress? Here’s a rundown of York’s cutest pets to get you through

So much cuteness!!!

No one can prepare you for how much you will miss your pets whilst living away at university. The love they give is unconditional and being away from them is heartbreaking.

So, if you are missing your pets or if you are beginning to feel sluggish as we approach the home stretch of spring term, then this is the serotonin dose you need as we shortlist some of York students’ cutest pets.

Nancy and Mabel



Mabel is two years old and Nancy is eight months old and they are biological cockapoo sisters. Their owners describe them as “crazy, loving and funny. They both enjoy long walks, napping and biscuits.”

“Mabel loves cuddling and tummy tickles. Nancy loves to give kisses and high-fives.” Mabel is an absolute style icon in her matching bow and bandana and I’m envious.

Real-life teddy bears. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls!


This is Bonnie, she’s a tabby cat and her owner describes her as “fluffy and she smells so nice. She enjoys wotsits and eating from a plate. She does not meow and instead prefers to make ‘brrp’ noises.”

Those cheeks! What a beauty. Someone please get her some wotsits ASAP.


This is Dizzy! Her owner described her as “an old girl so very sleepy. Her favourite toy is a rabbit that has no longer got any stuffing!”

Dizzy looks and sounds like the most gentle soul.


This lovely little girl is Bean, but nicknamed Beanie by her loving family. Bean only drinks out of water glasses and is scared of her own reflection.

She’s a sophisticated gal and I love her. How can she be scared of that reflection though, so cute!


This beaut is called Lavender (Lav for short). She is an eight-year-old bantam chicken. Her owner describes her as “very fluffy. Her favourite food is yoghurt and her favourite drink is a pina colada (virgin of course).”

Lav sounds like a dream.


Peggy has been with her owner since she was two years old. Her owner told us that “Her favourite snacks are custard creams.” Peggy has exceptional taste and now I’m craving biscuits, cheers Peggy.

What a majestic girl.


This beaut is Georgie! Her owner is (understandably) extremely proud of her. She is described as being “very good at playing hide and seek with her toy octopus.” Just wanna join in hide and seek with Georgie and her octopus, please.

Georgie is certainly a beauty and looks lovely next to the flowers. Those paws!

Olly and Jackson



These two beauties are Olly and Jackson. According to their owner: “Olly is very naughty. He is the smallest on the yard but causes the most chaos! Jackson is the most friendly, he gets over excited and loves attention.”

What handsome boys!!


I’m truly obsessed with Horace. Horace is a two-year-old clumber spaniel and his owners tell us he is a boy with a uterus making him a hermaphrodite. What a little legend.

That little pink nose!


This lovely guy is Buster. He’s a big fan of cake (aren’t we all) and when a cake is cooling on the side he’s been known to take a bite out of many a cake. Get him on as the next Bake Off judge!

He looks as if he’s having a lovely sunbathe in the grass here. Lovely boy!


This is Robyn. Her owner describes her as “the love of my life. She loves bringing people presents, giving lots of kisses and she has an unhealthy obsession with socks!” As she should.

“She is incredibly pampered and enjoys scrambled eggs for breakfast, as well as dog mince and pate.”

Robyn is out here, living the high life. Go on girl. Looking beautiful during golden hour.


Last but not least, we have Mala! Belonging to The York Tab’s editor, Emily. She absolutely loves a cuddle and is described as “really smart, and when she wants to go outside she rings a little bell.” Mala sounds like a very polite lady.

Her little smile!

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