Pancake Day: Here’s which type of pancake all the York colleges would be

Alcuin gives humble lemon and sugar energy

When you woke up this glorious pancake day, frying pan at the ready, waiting to devour stacks of your favourite pancakes with your desired toppings, I bet your first thought was: “I wonder which pancake my York college would be?” right?

Whether it’s a humble lemon and sugar or extravagant concoction of Greek yogurt and gooseberries (I’m looking at you, Constantine), here is which each York Uni college would be as a pancake.

Alcuin: Sugar and lemon

When sitting down to write this article, Alcuin being lemon and sugar was the one I knew IMMEDIATELY had to be in here. No shade to lemon and sugar (or Alcuin) here but they really are a match made in heaven.

Fairly quiet, doesn’t make a fuss about itself but a classic and a fan favourite sums up Alcuin perfectly. Some may call it boring but it’s humble and one that people return to over and over again.

Constantine: Greek yogurt and berries with organic honey

In contrast, one that does make a fuss of itself is a greek yogurt and berry pancake with organic honey which is absolutely Constantine College in a pancake.

This pancake is no ordinary berries and cream, it KNOWS it’s posh with its organic fruit and honey. Much like Constantine students who RELISH in their poshness with their double beds and kitchen islands.

It’s definitely washed down with an iced latte with oat milk through a metal straw. Either that or the Constantine gals have used daddy’s card to go out brunching this Pancake Day.

Vanbrugh: Classic Nutella

Universally liked, Vanbrugh would have to be a classic Nutella. A Nutella pancake doesn’t take itself too seriously but also at the same time knows it’s good. As one of York’s most popular colleges and right at the centre of campus, this is definitely true of Vanburgh students, knowing they are living in everyone’s top choice.

James: Protein pancake

Known as the most sporty college, James College’s pancake of choice would have to be a hearty protein pancake, purely for the gains. The pancake would consist purely of banana, egg whites and Whey Protein, giving it a bit of a chalky texture and bragging rights, of course.

Just eat some Nutella I beg x

Anne Lister: Plain pancake

The newest college to open at York Anne Lister College hasn’t had enough time to establish herself a decent reputation. Therefore a plain pancake it is. But seriously, if you enjoy a plain pancake you really need to look at your life decisions.

Derwent: Chaotic pancake

Looks more scrambled egg than pancake tbh

Derwent would be the most chaotic pancake you can possibly find. Whether that’s a scrambled mess that gets stuck on the ceiling when a cocky pancake flip goes wrong or one with a disgusting amount of toppings, all I can say is that Derwent as a pancake will just be pure chaos.

A pancake that screams I’ve been out three nights in a row and have nothing in my fridge, but let’s whip something together.

Halifax: Maple syrup

I really can’t put my finger on why, but Halifax just screams plain maple syrup. Everyone loves a maple syrup pancake. She’s basic but always a classic. However, when eating a pancake with just maple syrup, one can’t help wondering, longing perhaps, for something more. Something more exciting, like fruit maybe. It’s tasty but just doesn’t hit quite right.

That’s maybe what Halifax students are thinking when they’re lumped in there after being given their fifth choice accommodation and have a 20 minute trek to uni each morning when Derwent students can just roll downstairs to their lecture.

Goodricke: Savoury pancake

The age-old stereotype of Goodricke is that it doesn’t exist and that’s what savoury pancakes across the globe must be thinking on this Pancake Day.

Savoury pancakes aren’t bad by any sense of the word, but they’re often forgotten about, neglected, in favour of their rival: sweet pancakes. In the same way, Goodricke is often overlooked by its neighbors on East: Langwith, and Constantine.

Langwith: Ice cream pancake

Langwith is definitely an ice cream pancake type, probably with sprinkles on top too. An ice cream pancake knows how to have a good time and is a little playful, just like Langwith. It also gives slightly childish energy, like something you’d order at a Pizza Hut birthday party. Kind of like seeing Langwith students on a night out x

If you want to contest these pancake stereotypes, make sure to send in your best (and worst) pancake attempts to our Instagram @theyorktab and we’ll let you know what we think. 

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