Here is which York college all the Euphoria characters would be in

Nate has to be the perfect blend of James and Constantine

The second season of Euphoria is off to an explosive start, with even more glitter and drama than before, leaving us all staying up on Sunday evening to catch the newest episode before TikTok spoils the entire show as soon as it has been aired.

As the characters are now old enough to be looking at uni, it seems only right to place them in the different York colleges and find who you would have shared a flat with.

Rue – Halifax

Rue would definitely be a Halifax girl, she would be at all the campus parties but return to Jules’ flat after. She would 100 per cent leave her dirty pots and pans out in the shared kitchen (between 20 of them) for weeks on end resulting in a falling out with her flatmates.

Halifax would be the ideal college for Rue as it is out the way of the main campus giving her the privacy to deal with her suitcase.

Jules – Langwith 

Jules would be a flat favorite in Langwith and would lap up the attention from the East campus girlies. Her out-there look would instantly land her friends with her flat who would ask her to do their makeup for them and borrow her clothes before heading to a Sunday Revs.

Being on East campus would also allow Jules to continue to cheat on Rue without her finding out, perfect.

Maddy – Constantine 

Maddy undoubtedly would be a Constantine girl, her amazingly put-together outfits as well as her love for anything expensive (and Nate) would make her an ideal candidate for Constantine. She would definitely be responsible for putting together the flat TikTok and engaging them all in dance challenges. Her large room would be covered in fairy lights, gap yah tapestries and she would have thousands of pillows decorating her double bed.

She would love to get drunk in the kitchen with the other girls in the flat on a regular basis and the massive Constantine kitchens (with a SOFA and TV??) would allow her to do that in style.

Cassie – Langwith

 Cassie would also fit right into Langwith because she would just adopt Jules’ personality. Being in Langwith would also let her be close to her “best friend” Maddy whilst still allowing her to sleep with Nate without getting caught.

Cassie would host a lot of flat parties in the kitchen but she would leave early from them all because she would be too drunk to see the rest of the night through. She would probably spend all of her time and loan in Glasshouse. The en-suite bathroom provided in Langwith would also be ideal for Cassie’s 4am morning routine.

Lexi – Goodricke

Goodricke’s location would be ideal for Lexi. Being right next to the Film, TV and Theatre department would allow her to work on her play. Goodricke is also fairly quiet which would be perfect for Lexi, it’s also only a couple minutes walk from Langwith and Constantine meaning she can still be close to her friends but leave (to see Fez?) when it gets too rowdy.

Nate – James

Nate would have been the perfect combination of Constantine and James. But his obsession with being the best at sports makes him the perfect fit in James college. He’d definitely make being on James 4s football team his entire personality. He would enjoy the catered lifestyle as it requires minimal effort and would throw the biggest parties on West. Being on West also allows enough space between him and Maddy which I think we can all agree they need.

Fez – Vanbrugh

Fez is arguably the coolest character on the show. His laid-back demeanor but also determination to look out for his friends lands him the perfect spot in Vanbrugh College. It lies in the heart of West Campus making it the perfect spot for his “business” too. Fez would be a flat favourite and wouldn’t have any issues making friends on campus. BNOC vibes.

Kat – Goodricke

Kat has almost completely dropped off the face of the earth in season two, landing her a spot in Goodricke because we are not sure it exists, much like Kat this season really.

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