‘Save D-Bar’: Students set up petition to save D-Bar

It currently has over 400 signatures

A group of York students have set up a petition to “Save D-Bar” and prevent the reported closure of the popular campus bar. The petition, which is accompanied by an open letter to YUSU, currently has over 400 signatures.

It states: “It has come to our attention that YUSU plans to close D-Bar without first consulting students. D-Bar has been taken off the section links on https://yusu.org/food-drink, suggesting that this decision seems to have already been made.”

The creator of the petition told The York Tab: “D-Bar is the heart of Derwent College. Closing it would negatively affect the college life of current and future Derwent students. It is also wrong that YUSU thought they could do this behind students’ backs.”

The Save D-Bar group has also written an open letter to YUSU regarding the planned closure. The letter outlines three main reasons for anger at YUSU’s decision to close D-Bar’s doors: “Firstly D-Bar is important to a lot of people, such as Derwent students as the place many Derwent events are held, as well as the staff who risk losing their jobs if this goes ahead.

“Secondly, this decision has been made without consulting students – as this is a student’s bar, it should without question be students who have the greatest say in this. Finally, it appears that the reasons for closing D-Bar are due to security and/or staffing reasons – both of these could easily be fixed with CCTV cameras and new staff respectively.”

The group has received support from many York students with one comment on the petition suggesting: “It is unacceptable that YUSU have unilaterally decided to shut down D-Bar without even consulting Derwent students. Club D events are a staple of campus nightlife and it would be a huge loss if they couldn’t happen anymore.”

Another comment highlighted: “D Bar is home to many of my fondest memories throughout my time at university. It would be an utterly disgraceful decision to steal the memories and friendships that future students would undoubtedly make there.”

The petition has also been shared to the official Derwent College Instagram account with a photo captioned “KEEP DERWENT ALIVE!!! Save our college bar.”


A spokesperson for YUSU has been contacted for comment.

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