New club Ziggy’s to open in York next week

The reopening of Ziggy’s means the return of the beloved ‘Phat Fridays’

 Ziggy’s Nightclub will return to York on Friday 23rd July.

Previously Mansion, Ziggy’s has been shut since 2019 after it failed to renew its tenancy but will be returning to Micklegate next week.

Ziggy’s originally opened in 1982, remaining a popular club throughout the 80s and 90s until it rebranded to Mansion which ran for eight years. The popular York club will therefore return with a modern twist. It’s likely the name will ring a few bells with many ex-York students who may recall the famous “Ziggy’s Wednesdays.”

The return of Ziggy’s also means the highly anticipated return of popular student night Phat Fridays, tickets for which can be purchased here. Starting in 2012 at The Duchess, Phat Friday’s is York’s longest-running student night.

General Manager Russell Gilbert told York Mix: “We will be operating multiple nights with different genres of music throughout the week. There will be a rock indie night, Wednesday’s is going to be our main student night where we’re going to be playing multiple genres across the whole building. There’s going to be hip hop, R&B, and then you can go upstairs and you can listen to some cheesy classics, or you can chill out in the gin bar and listen to something more mellow, and talk with your friends. And then we are working with Phat Fridays too.”

He added: “Obviously, it’s been a very dull 18 months and I couldn’t tell you how excited I am to get back into the building and get back to making memories again and, you know, have a really good night out. There’s a lot of nearly 19-year-olds that have never been on a night out like this before because of Covid.”

Ziggy’s has undergone major renovations with a new sound system, bar area and toilets. There now will also be music on every level as opposed to dancers on the third floor VIP area.

The venue has been adapted to comply with Covid restrictions. Gilbert continued: “We’re obviously going to be keeping as safe as possible. All staff will have the option to wear a face covering. We will have sanitising stations throughout the venue and will be keeping the place very clean. We will follow the current Government guidelines and adapt to how they may change.”

Face masks will be optional inside the club.

Featured image courtesy of @phatsyork 

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