Which The Stranger character is your college?

Hopefully without the blackmailing or murder in halls

Whether you fell victim to Netflix’s next episode autoplay system and binged this show in 24 hours or savoured every moment of it; everyone has been raving about Netflix’s new thriller, The Stranger.

But, whilst witnessing Adam’s poor decisions and holding your breath every time ‘the stranger’ popped up on screen, did you ever stop to think which character would fit your college? Well, for the purposes of a fun article… we did.

Halifax: The Stranger 

Halifax is the college that’s almost always forgotten about. It could be home to the next Shakespeare or Lord Alan Sugar but, with it being out in the sticks, nobody would know. The Stranger crops up in the character’s lives like interacting with a Halifax student on a night out: “ohhh yeah where even is it you live? how did you get here?”. It may be a trek away but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a strong presence at York; keeping up with everything and everyone from afar.

Alcuin: Johanna 

With Alcuin being in between the library and the science block it is known as the most boring. Therefore, it would have been perfect for this detective. The students of this college probably don’t know the meaning of a fun night out as they work tirelessly in the library whilst everyone else enjoys a Salvos Wednesday. Johanna also took on the case of Heidi, vowing not to sleep or give up until her murderer was found, just like Alcuin students with their revision before an exam. The dedication is real.

Goodricke: Corrine 

The only episode we see Corrine in, she manages to get out of a killer argument with her husband and is never seen to go to work. If this isn’t what the wealthy students at Goodricke aspire to be, then they’re lying. Just like Corrine, the class, sass and mystery of Goodricke students ensures the college a key player against the Hes East big boys Langwith and Constantine.

Constantine: Daisy

One of the bigger colleges but, is still not as popular as Langwith. Daisy thinks that she’s one of the leading members of the group but, without Tom she quite frankly wouldn’t be around. Just like how Constantine girls wouldn’t be at York without the help of Daddy’s chequebook. Daisy has Fiat 500 girl vibes for sure, and her groovy style looks like she’d never miss an On&On event.

Derwent: Mike

After the EXTREMELY messy silent disco that the teenagers threw in the first episode, Mike manages to chase a naked boy through the woods and decapitate an Alpaca. This wildness seems like a typical night out to the students in Derwent. Maybe minus the llama, and with more Salvos top floor and VKs.

Vanbrugh: Adam

As the difference in quality of accommodation between Eric Milner Court and Barbara Scott Court is mad, the students of this college seem to mirror the qualities of Adam’s split personality. He is shown as a very wealthy man due to his lawyer profession but, his idiocy when it comes to making decisions and arguing with his wife definitely makes you question how he ever became a lawyer in the first place.

 Langwith: Tom

Needless to say, Tom looks like he would’ve been the school SNACK and Langwith boys do have a reputation for pulling. Tom’s no strings-attached relationship with hot girl Daisy is most likely something every Langwith boy longs for, without the awkwardness of bumping into each other in the Morrell.

Wentworth: Kaz

The receding hairline and vintage-esque glasses look as Wentworth students probably feel; 50 times older than other students on campus. The postgraduates that make up the majority of the college seem to keep to themselves and although some freshers can be irritating, they probably wouldn’t go as far as murdering any of them.

James: Doug

As it is obviously only their participation in sport that gives the students of James a personality, their active lifestyle seems fitting with that of Adam’s neighbour, Doug. He manages the local football team, is most often sporting active wear and often caught pre or post jog throughout the series. And like a classic LAD, Doug loves to grab a cold one whenever his boy Adam comes over, no matter the severity of the conversation.