York has launched a new student health app

The app is in partnership with the NHS

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The University of York has launched a brand new app that provides information directly from the NHS regarding physical and mental health advice.

The app, called Student Health App, provides a range of advice from basic health information to crisis support with direct links to services at University of York and within York City to ensure students get the most appropriate support whilst studying.

The app is available on all App stores

The app is now live and is free to download on any device. Additionally, students without access to a mobile phone can still access the information as all the specific York advice is available directly on YUSU's webpage and easily reached via a campus computer.

The homepage of the app is designed to be very simple to navigate

The homepage of the app has a wide variety of categories ranging from emergency first aid to common ills making it easy to navigate to reach the appropriate support.

The app is also linked to SafeZone and Student Minds to offer additional support with the aim of allowing easy access to ensure students receive the most appropriate health advice.

In a Facebook post announcing the launch of Student Health App YUSU's Community and Wellbeing Officer Steph Hayle thanked students who were part of the focus group and who helped "shaped" what would be included in the app.

Hayle, who has been working on a Virtual Mental Health Hub project at York, added that by partnering the app with the NHS it provides far more depth than could have been otherwise provided.

Former student Max Scott commented on the post saying how when he was at uni he struggled "trying to deal with things, both physical and mental" and wished he had access to the app when he was at York.