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Stone Roses launch petition to save the bar

They fear they might have to close for good

Stone Roses may be facing permanent closure, the bar have told customers today.

This follows their announcement earlier this month that it would be closing until February.

The bar posted on their Facebook page telling fans: "So in recent weeks, there's been a dark cloud looming over us. There's been lots of questions being asked etc. So here it goes. We need YOUR help.

"IF we re-open again, NEXT WEEK, there maybe a few changes that may have to take place, for example, earlier closure on student nights etc. However, there is also a worst case scenario. The possibility of closure. For good. We don't want that. You don't want that.

"We need you all to show your love and support.Please SHARE! Please sign our petition! The thought of that last case scenario is unimaginable."

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The petition reads: "The Stone Roses Bar York is sadly facing the possibility of major changes to our license, one factor being earlier closes on specific nights including student nights. However, in the worst case scenario, we could also face being closed down for good. We honestly need all our locals, customers, friends, families, members of the community, visitors and supporters to do everything possible to help keep our 14-year legacy up and running, and trading furthermore.

"We want to show the support we have and that we're not going to let the possibility of closure happen whatsoever.

"WE CAN NOT LET IT HAPPEN. We're not just a 'bar in town', we're a family, we're unique, we're an attraction and we're one of a kind.

"Please show your support ladies and gents, and let's not see that worst case scenario of closure, EVER happen. Much Respect. One Love."

At the time of writing, the petition has 341 signatures. Add your signature here and help save one of York students' favourite bars.

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