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How to dress for Big D 2018

Get your glitter ready, we’re going to space

With exams well underway, the only things keeping us sane is the thought of the unending fun that will follow soon after. For many students, the highlight of this will be Big D, Derwent’s annual festival extravaganza.

This years Big D looks set to be bigger and better than ever, with the Vengaboys being confirmed as the final headliner.

The Tab decided to enlist a variety of big names, (and a few smaller ones) from everyone's favourite college to show how they would dress for this years 'The Cosmos' theme.

We spoke to the organisers behind the event, second years Alex Beveridge and Jess Leaver, who told the Tab:

"This is one of the largest Big Ds Derwent has ever put on – the team have worked incredibly hard this year and it will show when people land into a completely transformed Derwent College. Think aliens, astronauts, even Ziggy Stardust. Or maybe you’re one of the unfortunate souls left behind on earth when we all flee to another planet… we look forward to seeing all of your transformations on Monday, 4th of June."

So, take a break from revision and think about the carnage that will unfold when the Vengaboys, along with Bondax and Brookes Brothers come to Derwent College.

If in doubt, a suit always does the trick

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Men in Black 4 coming to a screen near you

Make sure to get a photo in a tree too

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We don't know whats going on either

Swapping rockets for rocks

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Who knew Gregs Place was such a good place to take pictures?

Always get pictures in 'edgy' places

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Men in Black have never been cooler

Just don't hurt yourself in the process

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Waterguns are not encouraged

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But they look cool in pics x

A whole squad pic is essential at the end

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Preferably a candid shot

Tickets can be purchased here.

All photos taken by Gabriel Hargreaves and Jess Leaver