Lecturer tells student ‘You’re not Donald Trump’ in essay feedback

Is this really what we’re paying £9,000 a year for?

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In a week where once again the world will look to the United States, as Donald Trump assumes the presidency, you would be forgiven for having Trump on your mind.

However, this was, unfortunately, literally the case for a lecturer in the Environment department who gave a student some very unflattering feedback.

Stating that the poor student was not at liberty to be asserting “a fact as truth”, he went on to compare the practice to something akin to Donald Trump.

The Tab caught up with Goodricke third year, Eloise Tilbrook, to ask her what she thought of the comparison:

“It’s funny because it makes me remember feedback more. I don’t want to be compared to Donald Trump again.”

Eloise also gave her thoughts on the incoming Trump administration:

“Well obviously I’m disappointed with the outcome of the election. Trump is a racist, sexist, ignorant man and giving him the nuclear codes is a mistake.”

She also added: “I love Obama; Michelle should run for president.”


If you or a friend have received feedback on an essay that doesn’t befit the £9,000 a year you’re spending on your education, please email [email protected].