York’s most eligible bachelor: Heat Two

The One With All The Economists (and one guy doing interactive media?)

Just as before, here is the second ream of bachelors looking to not only win your votes but, more importantly, your hearts. Vote for your favourite at the bottom, and the top two will progress to the semi-final and a level of social infamy they could never have imagined. Let’s begin.

Joshua Kerr, 3rd Year, Economics

Still riding high on the prestigious title that is York’s Clubber of the Year, Mr Kerr has wasted no time this year. With a string of high profile lovers and another successful term as a Derwent Football captain, he is marking himself out as the one to beat in this year’s bachelor competition. Never one to shy away from a drink in D Bar with the lads, Josh also likes to split his time between lectures and the front seat of his new car. It’s said that he makes love like he drives, and if that’s the case then you’re in for the ride of your life.  If he can’t woo you with his radio and television personalities, then I’m sure his signature move of “a little squidge” will have you reaching for the all-important vote button.

Joe Stanley, 2nd Year, Economics

Whether he turns up at your flat with a Chicken Chow Mein and a portion of chips from the local Chinese or beats you at an intense game of musical chairs, Jawline Joe is the guy you want to take home to your parents. He can talk golf with your enthusiastic Dad when nobody else in the family wants too, and sweet talk your mum with his charming personality. His posh accent will also win over your hard to please, overprotective Nan who will describe him as a ‘lovely boy’. If you’re looking for someone to ask the bus driver to turn around because you were so busy singing “the back seat of the bus” that you missed your stop, or someone to walk home your drunk flatmate so you can continue your amazing night out at Salvo’s, Joe is the one. Selfless and easy going: these are just a few of the characteristics Joe possesses that make him perfect to be crowned York’s most eligible bachelor!

Dan Proud, 2nd Year, Interactive Media

A big name at the hockey club and never one to kiss and tell, Dan has had to reject the advances of many a fresher as he takes great pride in his duty as club social secretary. Dan had to overcome a horror bike crash in his first year which left him bloodied and bruised, but through hard work and determination, he has rocketed from a 5.7 to an 8.2. One of the most agreeable male specimens to prowl the Shambles, any girl would be Proud to have Dan to walk them home.

Sammy Tempo, 3rd Year, Economics

With one of the most iconic and most-liked profile pictures since Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her derrière, Sammy Tempo announced himself on the York stage last term in a big way. Hailing from Essex you’d think he was all fast cars and attractive women, but with wit so sharp it could cut glass and a presence in Derwent on a scale not seen before, he is really the dark horse in this years competition. Known for rescuing damsels in distress on a night out in his trusty Fiesta, and such a regular at Efes that his order is cooking before he enters the shop, Sammy will likely treat you and your stomach with the utmost respect at any meeting. Rumoured to have the best geography skills outside of the Environment building, he will have no trouble finding his way to your heart.

You know what to do ladies and gentleman, pick up the phone (actually just scroll down) and vote for your favourite!