There is a gender pay gap of 17% at the University of York

Female academic staff are paid nearly £10,000 less

The female academic salary at our university is on average 17.4 per cent or £9,190 less than their male counterparts get for doing the same jobs.

report by The University and College Union (UCU) shows that York has the 5th largest pay gap for professors in the country. It also has the 7th biggest divide for all academic staff amongst other Russell Group universities.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) advise that any gender pay gap over five per cent is of major concern and action is required.

The University told The Tab: “Academics below professorial level are paid in accordance with incremental pay scales which are determined through national negotiations between the universities and the trade unions (including the UCU).

“While the majority of academic appointments at York last year were women, women are still significantly under-represented in the senior (professorial) academic ranks.
“Academic promotions are determined by Senate on the advice of a Promotions Committee which is chaired by the Deputy VC & Provost and comprises members from all three faculties elected by the Senate (currently three men and three women).
“We will undertake a detailed audit of pay from a gender perspective during 2016 and will take action if we identify any unfairness or bias.”