Inquests opened into deaths of two Vanbrugh students

The students were in first and third year

Police have opened inquests into the deaths of two York students, who died within days of each other.

Saher Ahmad, who was a third year Archaeology student, was found dead at her off-campus property on Friday. The Head of the Archaeology Department described her as a “lively and positive force”.

Alexander Hurry, a first year Sociology student, was found just two days later in student accommodation. Police were called at 7pm.

Acting Senior Coroner, Jonathan Leach, told of a history of depression in both students, for which Ahmad had been prescribed medication, and also of Hurry’s history of alcohol abuse.

Principal Barry Thomas released this statement: “It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of Saher Ahmad, one of our Vanbrugh third year undergraduates. Saher was in the Archaeology Department where she played a prominent role in the social activities of the student body. She was an active member within the wider university community and will be greatly missed.

“The family wish to follow the Muslim practice of a quick burial which will take place in London. This is most likely to be held on Friday. They would welcome Saher’s friends, course-mates and members of the College to attend. As soon as the precise time and location are known we will let you know, and we will work closely with the University to make attendance as easy as possible. For example the University will look into arranging transport.

“This really is terrible and sad news for all of us.”