Ron Weasley is running for YUSU Pres

That’s all you need to know about these elections

The “vote for me” videos went online yesterday and we already have our faves.

Who you vote for really depends on what they’re wearing, if they’re hot, if they have a sexy Irish accent, and how quickly you switch off their video.

Recent statistics we conjured up at the pub state that only 12 per cent of you actually listen and care about the policies the candidates say they’re going to do.

The rest of you are just pretty shallow.

If they’re not hot I won’t vote for them

Don’t waste your time watching the Presidents’ videos saying how they’re going to introduce kitchens on campus or will build get a shop on Hes East. These ideas won’t happen.

We need a magic hat to put us into colleges.

We need floo powder and broomsticks to get us home after nights out when we miss the Clubbers Bus.

We need (apparently) to swap all the spiders on campus for butterflies.

And this is why we are backing Ron Weasley. Watch his manifesto here.

Ron 4 YUSU Pres

The other guys running for President this year are:

Ben Leatham
George Balmford
Ollie Rowley
Samuel Bourne

You could click on their names and watch their manifestos if you really want to spend 60 seconds of your life doing so…

Watch this space for more from our future leader, king of YUSU, our next President, Mr Ron Weasley.