Warwick Uni has won University Challenge 2021: Here are all the best tweets from the final

#Rout for PM

In case you’ve been living under a rock, last night, the University of Warwick won University Challenge!

They beat Magdalene College Cambridge in this iconic competition, 195-140 (for non University Challenge nerds, that’s a pretty decent win! #woxbridge).

The Warwick team, comprised of Richard Pollard, George Braid, Owain Burrell, and their team captain Andrew Rout, did brilliantly, in questions ranging from classical music to 21st century vampire films (still raging that Twilight didn’t get a mention tbh).

Now we could give you a standard, run of the mill recap of this thrilling final… or we could show you the highlights through the medium of tweets. Well, I know which one I’d prefer…

1. Burrell’s Shirt

Wonder if he got it from one of the SU Vintage sales?

2. The Classical Music Hate

Ahhhh a standard of any University Challenge episode- and if you’re not answering each question with Tchaikovsky, desperately hoping it’ll be right just this once, you’re not playing properly.

3. Rout reigns supreme

He’s got my vote at the next general election.

4. Davies bringing the drama

Who knew the world of Beatrix Potter could be so serious?


That’s all, that’s the tweet.

6. Timeless Pollard

Time to start taking fashion tips from Burrell maybe?

7. # Rourrell Bromance

He may have forgotten Burrell’s surname before, but this duo are ICONIC

8. 21st Century Vampire Films

We love when University Challenge throw in “popular culture” questions for us mere mortals… that are still too difficult for us to get.

9. Champions

Yes but has she heard of #Woxbridge?

10. LEGENDS <3

Featured image credited to Sarath Varadarajan/Warwick Quiz Soc.

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