Warwick are through to the University Challenge final: here’s their journey in 10 tweets

The Warwick team are heading into the finals against Magdalene College Cambridge this Monday

The Warwick University team are through to the finals of University Challenge, having won their semi-final round against Imperial College London last week (22nd March).

The Warwick team, comprised of Richard Pollard, George Braid, Owain Burrell, and captained by Andrew Rout, will be facing off against Magdalene College Cambridge on Monday (5th April) at 8.30pm on BBC Two.

We spoke to the team about the experience, and summarised their winning journey in 10 tweets so you can catch up in time for the final!

How it has been for the team?

University Challenge is one of the most popular quiz competitions on UK television and this year the Warwick Team have blazed through all 5 of their rounds, coming out triumphant each time. This is an incredible feat for the team as the last time the University of Warwick has won the University Challenge was in 2007.

A member of the team, Richard Pollard, spoke to us about the experience. He told The Warwick Tab that “it’s been an interesting process. Having been a fan of University Challenge for a while, its certainly very strange to watch yourself back on television.”

He also shared that “getting as far as we have is quite a surprise”, saying that “there something of a joke in Warwick quiz circles that the Warwick Team always goes out in the second round, so it felt great to surpass that!”

On the process overall, he described it as being “very rewarding, both in terms of the experience of being able to do competitive quizzing with a high profile, as well as the opportunity to meet new people, even if that aspect has had to shift to online lately.”

Commenting on the teams’ performance he said that “the team works well together – knowing who will know what and which way to turn or to nominate, comes only with practice, which itself has been rewarding too.”

Catching up on Warwick’s journey to the final

We’ve collected the top tweets of their journey so you can relive it before the intense final against Magdalene College Cambridge this Monday.

A strong start: from the offset, Imperial College London and the University of Warwick teams were favourites amongst University Challenge fans to make it to the finals!

The semi-final was tense: many thought Imperial College London and the Warwick teams would be in the final together with their impressive performances throughout the competition. However, the Warwick Team still came out on top.

We couldn’t agree with this next tweet more.

The One Direction of University Challenge? Warwick’s Team have been incredibly popular amongst University Challenge fans, and the support for the team continues to outpour in bucket loads whilst they continue to succeed.

Even those who had Warwick as one of their UCAS choices are cheering Warwick on from the sidelines

Ready for the runway: our team’s funky knit jumpers have been the talk of Twitter throughout the competition, letting the world know here at Warwick we have the best taste in jumpers.

A bit of a blunder under the pressure – team captain, Andrew Rout forgot teammate Owain Burrell’s surname during the semi-finals against Imperial College London. However, we’re sure most people would forget their mum’s name under that amount of pressure so it’s a forgivable offence.

Fan accounts already! As the final approaches, the popularity of our charismatic and charming team only continues to grow amongst University Challenge fans.

Leading with confidence to the finals – most fans seem to be confident that Warwick will come out triumphant in the finals!

We wish the team all the luck in the world in the finals and many congratulations on getting so far and achieving such a huge accomplishment.

We can’t wait to tune into the final, which will air at 8.30 pm, Monday, 5th of April on BBC Two.

Featured image from BBC/ITV Studios/Joseph Scanlon.

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