How to still enjoy Warwick Uni life in spite of, well, everything

From movie nights to ice skating, the uni experience isn’t all dead

For a lot of us, Covid has really turned our university experience on its head. No more impulsive trips to Smack or cramped kitchens for pres. Teaching is now mostly remote, which at least saves all of us in Leam a daily trek. Nevertheless, it is easy to get bogged down at uni and give into boredom, and you’re probably wondering what else there is out there to do right now.

Now lockdown has officially ended, here’s everything you can get involved in to stave off insanity.

Venture outside

Embrace the fresh air. We know outside is more Covid safe but it also benefits our wellbeing too, offering an emotional boost and a much needed break from our studies. Some of us may have Jephson Gardens in Leam on our doorstep, a great place for picnics and small group gatherings. Others will only be minutes away from the lakes on campus or the woodland walks in Tocil Wood.

For the sporty ones out there, Leamington is full of cycle paths and scenic walking routes. The canal offers a lovely riverside walk and if followed far enough will lead you to the city of Warwick. There you’ll find the beautiful Warwick Castle which has reopened to offer you a fantastic day out whilst putting your safety at its forefront.

Talking of Warwick Castle, they are reopening their ice rink this Christmas! So get your skates on and make some special memories this Christmas, as the popular ice rink returns between 5th December and 17th January. Find out all the details here.

For those closer to Coventry, fear not because the iconic Coventry Cathedral ruins will transform into a winter wonderland, creating one of the most magical festive ice-skating rinks in the UK. You can book your tickets here.

Perhaps a little harder to get to, but only a short ride away is Stratford upon Avon which boasts more than 800 years of Shakespearean history, an iconic butterfly farm and a plethora of boating experiences on the river.

You could do with a few more Insta posts taken outside of your room anyway…

Get to know people through societies and clubs

The ultimate saviours for making friends. A little shoutout to all the execs working their socks off to provide a whole load of fun and engaging events which will be sure to increase your social circles.

Talking of circles, coronavirus may have put a halt to our long lasting tradition of circling (not once, but twice, ouch) but fear not clubs and societies are bringing you themed quizzes, virtual drinking games, game nights, (lots of Among Us, of course) movie nights and some are even going as far as to sending out goody packs to their members.

A select few clubs will in fact be reviving their socially distanced sessions in week 10, however the majority of clubs will only be returning to action next term. But, you don’t have to let this stop you! If you are eager to try a new sport or activity or just want to continue a passion and are lucky enough to live with fellow sport lovers, you are in luck, as Warwick Sport have opened up some outdoor sporting pitches on campus.  Here’s your chance to escape from the room you’ve been confined to for the last month and finally get outside and do some sport.

Additionally, for avid cinephiles, Film Studies Society are running Netflix Parties and online film quizzes which are fantastic ways to meet fellow film fans.

Socialise with flatmates 

Make the most of your bubble!

Dedicating time to have flat movie nights, game nights or just experimenting with new meal ideas is a great way to get everyone out of their rooms and build friendships with those you see most. Fear not, there are still many outdoor venues that you and your bubble can get out and explore.

For those in reach of Leam, a variety of restaurants are at your doorstep for delivery, including YO! Sushi which is currently boasting 20 per cent off food. For those with a sweet tooth, Creams in Leamington will offer you the ultimate desert experience from the comfort of your sofa.

The accessibility to takeaways has never been easier, with Deliveroo, students can receive a whopping £4 off their first order. Just Eat has a £2 discount for students via Unidays, and not forgetting Uber Eats which lets both you and a friend get £10 of a £15 order when you invite them to the app.

Socialise online

We have the privilege of modern technology at our fingertips to help us fight our boredom, so make the most of it! Companies are adapting to the new online world just like us and bringing us online versions of their experiences.

We tried out an online escape room over a Zoom call which was a completely new experience for us all, but one worthwhile to bond with fellow students in such uncertain times.  Immerse yourself in a series of puzzles and challenges, testing your skills to strive for victory.

We mustn’t forget the infamous Zoom quizzes which peaked throughout lockdown either. Whilst perhaps not as iconic as the Duck’s pub quiz, it’s still an easy way to catch up with friends and have some lockdown fun.

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