WAP, Miley Cyrus and Bruce Springsteen: Warwick students’ top rated lockdown tunes

We need something to listen to in lockdown 2.0

With the current lockdown 2.0 in full swing, many students are faced with being isolated in their uni homes and halls of residence. Being away from home can be lonely at the best of times, but with a global pandemic, it does not get much harder.

However, if there is one thing that has kept many of us entertained during lockdown it is music. Whether it be on a walk, in your room or in the shower – music is ready to be listened to.

The Tab asked seven Warwick students to give us their top lockdown artists and tunes.

Zahra Asif

Lockdown song: I hate how much I want you – The Struts

How did you discover it? “The Struts are my FAVOURITE band (I’ve even gone up on stage and sang with them, and the lead singer signed my denim jacket), and this is my fave single off their new album- which they recorded in 10 days during lockdown part one.”

How did it help you through lockdown: New music from my favourite band definitely provided me with entertainment in lockdown – I would 100 per cent recommend listening to the rest of their album called Strange Days!

Rating out of 10: “10/10, maybe even an 11 because it features Phil Collen and Joe Elliott from Def Leppard and the guitar solo is INSANE.”

Rebekah Ellen Cecelia

Lockdown song: Heart of Glass (Live from the iHeart festival) – Miley Cyrus

How did you discover it? “I discovered it through TikTok (shameful, I know) because the TikTok wlw community went absolutely nuts over the sheer power it exudes.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “I listen to it multiple times a day at the moment, and it never fails to entirely change my mood to absolute joy and I always feel so strong and cleansed of negativity by the time it’s finished.”

Rating out of 10: “I’d rate it 173627/10 honestly I cannot get enough of it.”

Dexter Adonu

Lockdown song: Squeeze & Buss – Unknown T

How did you discover it? “I listen to Unknown T quite a lot cos he’s arguably a top five drill artist in the UK right now, I was waiting for the album to drop and when this single came out a few months before I was gassed.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “I played it a lot when I went on walks and when I vibed in my room, cos it’s got such a good beat and a sick vibe in general.”

Rating out of 10: How did it help you through lockdown? “I rate it 8.5/10, I think its a top 10 track from him and it really got my energy up when the lockdown was acting up (which was basically every other day lol).”

Loïse Cognard

Lockdown song(s): Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond, Victory Celebration – John Williams, Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen

How did you discover it? “I discovered Sweet Caroline when I was younger but seeing it on TikTok really made me like it again, same for victory celebrations, I saw it in a TikTok celebrating Joe Biden’s victory, and born to run was in an Alex Rider’s (TV show on Prime so good) playlist.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “Sweet Caroline and Victory Celebration brought back some nostalgia and just made me feel happier in general and for born to run it just made me think of what I’ll do once this is all over, like travelling and all.”

Rating out of 10: “Sweet Caroline 7/10, Victory Celebration 10/10 because Star Wars of course, and Born To Run 9/10.”

Sophie Desgoutess

Lockdown song: WAP – Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

How did you discover it? “I can’t remember exactly how I discovered it but I’m so glad I did.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “Learning the TikTok dance was definitely a productive way to spend a couple of hours during lockdown. I always make sure it’s always played multiple times at kitchen drinks – I’m sure my flatmates are sick of it by now. It’s just such a vibe, an anthem, a reminder of the hope that one day soon, we’ll be able to throw it back in the club once again.”

Rating out of 10: “Absolute banger 20/10.”

Zaeem Hoque

Lockdown song: Lemonade – Don Tolliver

How did you discover it? “I discovered it when I heard him on Astroworld then went to his profile on Spotify and found many gems.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “It helped when I went on walks and when I needed good vibes.”

Rating out of 10: “Straight 10/10.”

Mahima Passela

Lockdown song: Sugar – Brockhampton

How did you discover it? “I discovered it via Spotify on my discover I think and I just peaked to the world that is Brockhampton safe to say I’m in love.”

How did it help you through lockdown? “Through lockdown, this song became a haven for me, still is! It helped me a lot through lockdown getting over things that have happened and to move on with my life that felt incomplete in lockdown, also since I did have to leave life a half-open chapter (suddenly leaving uni). It’s a song I listen to when I feel anxious for some reason it calms me and it grounds me and I can breathe, it’s a song that has stayed with me in the last lockdown and is still consistently there.”

Rating out of 10: “10/10.”

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