Warwick asks alumni to donate for struggling students and they are outraged

The email asked them to ‘make a gift’ to support students

Warwick alumni are outraged after the University and the SU asked them to donate money to support students struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email sent to all alumni, the University asked: “Could you make a gift to support students at your university through this time of crisis?”

The email prompted widespread backlash on Twitter, with many accusing the University of not supporting their students.

“Warwick is a many parts machine,” an alumnus told The Warwick Tab. “I’d like to know where the money is going.”

The email read: “One in four students comes from a low income background and I know this pandemic will force some of these young people into incredibly challenging circumstances. With your support we can respond to their increased needs.”

“I know there are students suffering extreme financial hardship during and in recovery from this crisis. Students who do not have family or financial support to rely on.

“Our student support needs also extend to those young people who are planning to join our Warwick family in October, who are perhaps now feeling torn between working to support their family or starting university.”

The email outlined the latest developments for learning and assessment in term 3 and was signed off by SU president, Ben Newsham.

Responses from alumni have been shocked, with reactions being shared on Twitter, branding the move as “shocking” and “beggy”.

A spokesperson for the University told The Warwick Tab: “To help further lessen the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our present and future student community, the University of Warwick has launched the Covid-19 Student Support Appeal.

“The funds raised will be used to support students starting in the forthcoming academic year through scholarships, Warwick Medical School students currently working on the NHS frontline, and to provide financial assistance via the existing university Hardship Funds and Widening Participation schemes.

“We are delighted to thank all those who have generously contributed to date, including many from our Warwick alumni community who care passionately about current Warwick students and are a greatly valued part of our community. Their support will make a real and lasting difference.”

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