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Warwick’s Maddest Fresher Nominee: Frazer Burton

Do not underestimate his majesty


Meet the latest nominee for Warwick's Maddest Fresher 2017, Frazer Burton, or as his friends call him: "An absolute legend who gives no fucks and slays bare gash."

The History fresher is described by friends as a "heartbreaker", "intellectual" and most importantly, "an absolute madman."

Such is his bravery, that he confronted legendary Rootes bouncer Big Dave and knocked him down a peg or two by pointing out the obvious – that he was merely wearing a jacket with the word security on it and had no authority.

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The man, the myth, the legend.

Other, yet to be verified, facts about Frazer include his popularity with the ladies.

His friends told The Tab that he "can be seen on many a Copper Room night tailed by sobbing women, all of them hoping beyond hopes to repopulate the earth with mini Frazers, such is the majesty of the man."

Frazer also apparently once fought off a 27 year-old in Kasbah. Such is his superiority that The Tab was told "to not shortlist Frazer is too commit sacrilege."

When we told Frazer that he'd been nominated for Warwick's Maddest Fresher, he responded that it was "sort of flattering" to be considered. Good old humble Frazer.

Voting for Warwick's Maddest Fresher 2017 will open soon.