‘Sleep with someone ten years older than you’, Basshunter gives best love advice to Warwick fresh

He is no longer All I Ever Wanted


A ticket to see Basshunter in Leam was a bargain at £7.68, but honestly, you'd be better off spending your money on two pints instead.

The 32-year-old singer, who wrote the 90s bangers “Now You're Gone" and “All I Ever Wanted", started well by arriving an hour-and-a-half late.

He then began playing his set, which turned out to be identical to the warm-up DJ we had just listened to whilst waiting.

After enduring the same (admittedly catchy) bassline of Seven Nation Army for what seemed like the fifth time, the Swedish DJ turned off the music, brought the house lights up and asked the audience who was in a relationship and under the age of 24.

A lot of drunken hands were raised, and in response he uttered the immortal words:

“You should be getting fucked and getting fucked up"

He continued to rant for a few minutes about the woes of young relationships, insulting half the audience and leaving the other half wondering what was he was on about.

To give Basshunter some credit, when he resumed his music his mixes were professional and the audience went mad when he played his hit singles. However, once again, he turned the music off and brought up the house lights, making everyone question what on earth he was going to do next.

He said he wanted to “get drunk", then held up his (small) beer, began chanting his own name and drained it. Leaving the crowd wondering if he was really a 32 year-old man or a drunk fresher who should have been in the Copper Rooms.

Basshunter continued his tour of local Warwick clubs and went to Kasbah on Friday, where it appears he hadn't learned from his previous mistakes.

He spread even more of his wisdom by asking the crowd: “Do you know how much fun you're missing out on?"

It is also worth noting that his rants are mostly aimed at the men in the audience. He kindly advised the guys in the crowd to “go to Magaluf (and) fuck someone ten years older than you."

For a man who is meant to be hunting bass, he certainly hunts for attention a lot more.