We asked you who you’re voting for in the snap election, and why

‘All the parties promise things they can’t deliver, it’s frustrating’


Theresa May surprised us all when she announced a snap election in the midst of ongoing Brexit negotiations. The election will take place of June 8th with Theresa May leading the Conservative party, and Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour.

We headed out on campus to ask you who was going to get your vote.

Toyin and Augustina, Biomed

Toyin: I’m voting Labour. Theresa May doesn’t care about the poorest in society. She’s not taking all of society into account.

Augustina: I’m voting Labour. I was shocked when I saw that rape clause thing for benefits. It has to be anyone but May, she only cares about the wealthy. She needs to be stopped, so I’m backing Corbyn.

Ollie, Chemistry

I’m voting Conservative because I believe they are the only party that can be trusted to carry out Brexit successfully.

Ofir, Law

If I’m honest, I don’t really like politics, but my biggest priority is to try and get us back in the EU – that’s the stupidest thing we’ve ever done. All the parties promise things they can’t deliver, it’s frustrating.

Cam, Philosophy

I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. I care a lot about tuition fees and the curriculum we have on offer.

Lucy, Economics

I’m Scottish and I’m gonna vote SNP. Nicola Sturgeon seems nice.

Joe, Chemistry

I might vote Green, they said they’d reverse Brexit and they’re the only ones who care about the environment.

Margaret, Politics and Ciaran, Ancient History

Margaret: I don’t know who I’m going to vote for yet, but the most important issues to me are taxes, tuition fees and graduate prospects.

Ciaran: None of the big parties feel reliable, but I’ll probably vote Conservative. In the future, I’ll probably be grateful for lower tax rates.