SU Officer election results have been announced

The posters are down, but which officers have been chosen?

After an intense week of campaigning, the new SU officers have been decided.

Over 7000 votes were cast by 5620 voters, an increase from 5184 voters last year. Undergraduates, students from the Arts Faculty and History students made up the highest proportion of students voting.

Here’s a breakdown of your new representatives:

Sports Officer- Ellie “Bean” Martin

Education Officer – Liam Jackson

Societies Officer – Niall Johnson

Democracy and Development Officer – Michael Kynaston (Magic Mike)

Welfare and Campaigns Officer – Ellen Holmes

Postgraduate Officer – Emily Dunford

Undergraduate Social Science Faculty Representative – Greg Clarke

Ethnic Minorities Officer – Namir

Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative – Jorun Bork

Disabled Students’ Officer – Melissa P. Martin

LGBTUA+ Officer – Ryan Camille Girard

Women’s Officer – Laura Addison and Amy Moores

Environment & Ethics Officer – Julie Saumagne and Christian Konig

The Student Union President is soon to be announced.