We asked you for your juicy experiences of sleeping with your flatmates

‘The flat found out after I went down on him and he accidentally kneed me in the face’


There is an age old myth that sleeping with flatmates is the number one thing not to do at uni. Apparently it can lead to an awkward year exacerbated by drunk flatmates who cannot help but laugh at your expense.

We asked you about your experiences of sleeping with your flatmates.

Matt, Second year, Physics

I used to stay in her room and watch the Apprentice. Then one Halloween I was dressed as Mrs Doubtfire and she was dressed as a banana and we decided to play sleeping lions in the kitchen as we had a noise complaint. That was when we decided to get together. We’re in a relationship now.  When it came to our flat, they kept on asking each other if we had got with each other. 

They didn’t make it awkward but they were very nosey. We aren’t living together next year because she’s taking a year abroad. She was three doors away so physically that was quite convenient. I basically moved into her room and we’re joined at the hip, but thats not the worst thing.

Archie, First year, Philosophy

We were in a club and I reckoned she’d been up for it for a while, there was no one else in the club so I thought fuck it and we got off. We came back as a flat and I waited for everyone else to leave and then used the classic tactic of asking her to help me up and then pulling her into bed. I reckon if I wanted to I could do it again.

The flat took the piss a little and sometimes try to make it awkward but it’s nothing we cannot handle. We won’t be living together next year. 

It was a decent night actually and it was really easy getting home afterwards. We knew each other so it wasn’t really that awkward and I got to have sex.

We haven’t really had a one on one since and sometimes I think she tries to flirt with me and her mates bring it up which is dead.

Charlotte, First year, Management

When we came to uni, he was in a relationship and then after the second day he broke up with her. Then the next night he was being kinda flirty in the club, we came back and we went to my room and did it. That went on for the whole of Freshers’. We’re living together next year, it was a little awkward to begin with but now we are chilled. It was just a little fun during freshers.

No one in my flat would say anything because they were scared of me during freshers. It was so easy and convenient, we were really close anyway and it just brought us closer; sex brings people together.

Because we saw each other the whole time it got a little intense and a little serious too quickly which led to a few arguments. He kinda thought we were seeing each other and got upset when I wasn’t as interested and got with someone else.