We asked girls what makes them swipe left at Warwick

‘If they go to Cov’

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In the time that you have been at Warwick, you’ve probably swiped through the whole of campus as well as the surrounding areas multiple times and yet here we all are, single on Valentine’s day. Well, probably most of you reading this article.

If you’re a guy who keeps wondering what it is about your profile that girls keep swiping left on, here is a comprehensive list of the things girls at Warwick said they don’t find attractive on Tinder.

If they go to Cov

It’s harsh but logistically it makes sense. Can you imagine the absolute hassle of getting to Cov from Leam. Yes, I know there is a direct train and you can catch the 11, but it’s just too far away. People don’t want to do long distance for their first date. Besides, Warwick and Coventry are long-term rivals, clearly some girls don’t want to step into Cov there unless they’re looking for some BubbleLuv at Kasbah.


Selfies, mirror selfies, pouting. All things to avoid, it makes people look silly and unnatural. Apparently girls prefer smiling pictures taken by someone else.

Guys that are clearly pinging in their pics

With the ice gem haircut, wearing a snapback and claiming to be 22 when they barely pass for 16. Mate, if you look off your nut in Smack, it’s actually a bit sad.

When their first picture is a group picture

Photo credit to Kelsey’s

Which one are ya? If the next one is a group pic as well, girls will get too lazy trying to figure out who you are. Group pictures are a deception, it’s always the person you find least attractive that the profile ends up belonging to.

If they work in recruitment

They probably love a cheeky Nandos, are clearly tensing in your photos and have ‘gym’ somewhere in your bio. If they can’t date you, they will try to recruit you.

When a guy uses Snapchat filters on their first picture

It’s an instant swipe left if a guy has the dog filter as his first picture. Why would anyone do that? Why?!

Having a girl in their profile picture

Is she your sister, a close friend or an ex? Girls would rather not take the gamble and give a potential awkward situation a miss.

If their work at Jaguar Land Rover

You know the ones, they’ve already been to Uni, so they think they know everything. Some girls said JLR boys are patronising and don’t shut up about their uni experience, like ever.

When their bio says part-time model

You’re probably not are you? Also, please stop clearly tensing in photos, it looks bad.

When they don’t have their face in the picture

Obviously personality is super important and most people would agree that it’s the most important thing, but please let a girl see what you look like, so that she knows she’s not chatting to a man old enough to be her granddad.

When their first picture is against the Smack wall

We all know you’re not actually 6’6, so there’s no point lying!

When they claim to be a stockbroker or self-employed 

Look, it’s okay to be unemployed. It’s a tough world out there, you don’t have to pretend.

Unoriginal jokes


When they have charity pictures as all of their Tinder photos

It’s the type of profile that deserves to be on Humanitarians of Tinder. If your bio is all about your charity work in Africa but it doesn’t even specify which country, it looks fake. Being charitable is a great trait, but when it’s all your profile is about, it looks a bit forced.