Warwick students unite to protest Trump’s Muslim travel ban

Around 300 students showed up

Hundreds of students are protesting against Trump’s Muslim travel ban at the University of Warwick today.

The protest, which began at 2pm on the Piazza, was hosted by a range of societies including the Warwick Anti-Racism Society as well as Warwick Pride and Arabic Society.

The protest follows Donald Trump’s travel ban for citizens from seven Muslim countries. These countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. British citizens travelling to America on UK passports will also be blocked from entering if they have dual-citizenship.

Warwick’s protest is just one of many taking place throughout the country today, as a demonstration of solidarity and opposition to a policy described as xenophobic and likely to fuel terrorism.

Luke Pilot, SU President said: “This is really important in terms of making sure that students have a voice in this increasingly volatile political landscape because we are going to be inheriting this legacy”.