Warwick University Library collected over £81,000 in library fines last year

More than 67,000 fines were issued

The University of Warwick library has released figures showing a grand total of £81,820.01 was raised from library fines over the 2015/16 academic year.

This was the sum of 67,211 fines paid by both students and staff – and only includes those which were actually paid, not any issued fines still outstanding.

The largest single fine paid was £36.90, the equivalent of 185 days overdue for a Standard loan,whilst 69 people paid the maximum single-loan amount of £35.00. The most common fine was 30p, with 13,424  occurrences.

The library website states the reason for issuing fines is “as an incentive for borrowers to return them on time to ensure that items are put back into circulation as quickly as possible increasing the availability to others.”

This figure comes in quite a bit lower than previous years, in comparison with £88,229.43 collected in 2014/13 and £94,262.04 collected in 2013/12.