How much does it cost to fit in at Warwick?

Because the pints of Purple add up

Paris, Milan, London and Warwick University.

The four major capitals of fashion in this world. You know it, I know it. So what does it take to look good on campus? How do you dress to impress in Leamington Spa? These are the few essential pieces that you need to own:

Warwick Hoodie – £14:


Just in case you didn’t know what uni I go to

Word on the street is that Kendall Jenner’s got three and next fall’s design is currently being drawn up by Stella McCartney herself. This avant-garde design was influenced by the stunning architecture of the Koan and the many beautiful sculptures that are so loved by Warwick students. This is now considered a vintage hoodie as it contains the old logo that so many students can’t seem to let go of. I guess some people don’t want to accept change and want a reminder of what Warwick once was before the illuminati triangles took over.

Sports team/society hoodie – £15-25:


they cost so much, you have to wear them all the time

If you don’t wear the stash for whatever clubs you’re in, you aren’t an official member. Those are rules and they are fair ones. It’s imperative that you wear anything that marks out your individuality and skill to the rest of your fellow piers and these hoodies are the best way to do so. How else will people know how elite and superior you are if you don’t wear your exec jacket? Let’s be honest, most people didn’t even know that Warwick Trampolining existed.

Circle Trainers – £15-200+:


Everyone knows that the flying pints of purple and the sticky floors of the Copper Rooms dance-floor will wreck the shoes that you actually value, so you need to invest into a pair of trainers that you wouldn’t mind slowly decaying. Nike, Vans, Adidas, Converse or New Balance. They need to be durable and versatile as you will wear them on every night out during the week. Whether it be in Smack or Kasbah, your shoes will get stained in purple and if they aren’t, then you may as well be wearing Crocs. These trainers must be worn on nights out repeatedly, they go with any outfit. And I mean any outfit.

Ripped jeans  from Koan worship- £30 :

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 20.57.30

Those rips bring in the insta likes

You probably didn’t know, but the ripped jeans trend that has taken over the world originates from your very own campus. The ripped jeans were the result of a ritual, which dates back to the beginning of the days. Students would gather around the Koan and worship the grade Gods in order to help them get through deadlines and exam season.

Pop Ticket – £4:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 21.45.13

Dedication to circling right there

In Warwick Wednesday night is Friday night and if you aren’t spotted busting out moves in Pop then you may as well just pack your bags and go home. Not only does it play the edgiest, trendiest tracks but it also means you can get spotted looking sexy in your circling outfit: in Warwick you can make wearing a toga look cool. You better be there, dress up and act like you love hearing your Social Sec scream at the top of their lungs at you for messing up a game in circle. Downing a pint of purple is hardly a punishment, its a privilege. To save you the hassle of trying to hunt down a circling ticket every week, get the Season Pass for £32.

Pitcher of an Eliminator – £11:


It’s fashion. It’s fashion.

This neon green beauty is an essential drink for all Warwick students: if you’re seen at Kelsey’s without a pint of this orange juice and spirits cocktail then, do you even Warwick?

Pint(s) of Purple – £1.50:


Why get a pint when you can get a pitcher?

No one buys one pint of purple, it’s three for £4.50 at least. To fit in at Warwick you have to have at least three pints and you have to down all of them at once because you’ve forgotten not to use your phone in Circle. The university takes any discrepancy of Circle rules incredibly seriously – if you fail to understand you may even be asked to do a shoe pint.

Bus Pass – £270:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 19.08.27

This trend is only for second years and above – sorry Freshers – you’re not quite cool enough for a bus pass yet. Maybe next year if you’re lucky. The key thing to remember when you get a bus pass is you must continually moan about the buses. If you don’t moan about the U1 they take away your pass. Moaning is the coolest way to spend the twenty minutes that you have to wait in the rain for the U1 to arrive.

Yik Yak – Free:

This app is essential to know what’s what on campus. It’s like Gossip Girl but with more memes and better chat so if you want to be cool you have to get Yik Yak. The best thing about this anonymous posting site is when you share all your really popular Yaks with your friends so they know how funny you really are, whilst simultaneously defeating the point of the anonymity. And you never know, you might get those free socks.


You should care more about your Yakarma than your degree