New hated uni logo in Illuminati storm

‘It looks like we’re a primary school now’

A fresh logo for the University has been unveiled as part of a re-branding effort to make Warwick more recognisable.

Yes, but Warwick what?

In a bold move to stand out, the ‘University of’ has been scrapped, along with the potentially too Conservative blue. They also removed the swish, which we shared with the York and Exeter logos.

The University said: “Our new brand messaging summarised as ‘what if’ captures the infinite possibilities at the University of Warwick.

“Our new visual brand provides a window on this. This graphic approach respects the different facets and strengths of the University, as well as representing what holds them together.”

Guess this is coming down soon.

In a shocking departure from the old branding rule (to never change the colours under any circumstances) this logo has the exciting chameleon capabilities of changing colour depending on the background image.

It is hoped that this added dynamism will attract prospective students and do away with the old-fashioned image research showed has been a deterrent to potential applicants

The consultation process involved over 160 members of staff and students and has cost a total of £80,000, sparking student concerns about the university’s priorities.

An alternative vision for WARWICK (credit to Yung Lau)

Two of our new main colours are Warwick Aubergine and Warwick Burnt Orange.

An alternative take by fresher Abel P’ng.

In the student population, however, the bad reviews just kept on coming in.

Helena Michaels, a second year English literature student said it was “shambolic”. She added: “It is definitely different from any other university logo I’ve seen.”

Second year Maths student, Giles Hutchings was shocked and appalled. He said: “Even during the unveiling of the logo in the lecture theatre, there was audible and visible displeasure and derision of the image.”

Lauren Brenner, a second year maths student, said: “It reminds me of old school clip art, or the gradient fills they used to have on PowerPoint. Give me 20 minutes on Snapchat and I could come up with something better.”

“Whose University? OUR UNIVERSITY”

Students on the ‘Overheard at Warwick’ group on Facebook sounded off in the comments under the original post. Within 3 hours the post had 350 likes and a colourful selection of alternative images.

Illuminati management confirmed (credit to James Lawrence)

Don’t mention the roadworks

Ben Fleuss, second year history student, said: “What the hell is the point of this? The current logo is gorgeous. Classier, too. We’re a world-class university (cough, cough), not a bank”. We’re not sure if Warwick For Free Education would agree.