Einstein of Curry or Just a Nutty Professor?

A Warwick physics professor has come up with a formula for the ‘perfect curry’. We asked Leamington’s finest curry houses whether it measured up to their high standards…

Dr Hadley, from the department of Physics at Warwick, has come out with the very controversial claim that he has devised the ‘perfect curry formula’. In a study commissioned by Tilda Rice, Dr Hadley states that the perfect formula is a 1:1:1 ration of meat/veg, rice and sauce… Simples!!!

He adds that, the curry should be 61% smaller than the mound of rice which it adorns and that, on a standard 27cm plate there should be a 2 cm gap between the plate and the mound of rice in case of rice breakage.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 14.53.03

Is this what a perfect curry should look like?

Dr Hadley reportedly spent 40 hours devising this contentious formula yet states that: “there was not much science in it just a couple of ratios that seemed to make sense and were largely aesthetic”. So perhaps the curry formula is not as steeped in scientific grounding as E=MCbut does this formula work?

We went to the famed Bath Street in Leamington – boasting some of the finest dining experiences the town has to offer – to ask the experts their opinion.

Bela from Millenium Balti was especially complimentary of the formula: “I cannot fault it… we use the same sort of thing for our curries.”

Ghaff from Ali Golden Cuisine and Omar from Ali-Baba both agreed with Bela’s praise of Dr Hadley’s creation, but Omar offered us a word of caution: “You cannot cook the rice, sauce and meat in the same bowl at the same time or nothing will cook and you will get sick”. Wise words from the young man there, wise words.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 14.56.20

The formula certainly ‘curried’ some favour with Omar from Ali Baba, but he also offered a word of caution

However when we asked our very own campus curry expert, Reo the Bar Fusion cook, he was less complimentary, saying, “The formula works but is too simplistic for more complicated curries”.

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 13.15.51

Reo from Bar Fusion was a bit harder to please…

Our last visit was to Vialli’s, the height of Leamington cuisine. When questioned about Dr Hadley’s formula, Arjun the server said: “we do not make curries… but to make the perfect burger you must put cheese above AND below the meat and put onion sauce on both buns.”

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 13.16.03

Vialli’s – home of the perfect burger formula?

So does Dr Hadley’s formula really deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as E=MC2? Should he abandon physics and open a curry house? Well our thorough and indisputable research would suggest yes on both counts!

So if you are ever wondering what makes the perfect curry, look no further than Dr Hadley’s formula.

But if curry isn’t your thing, Dr Hadley has recently revealed that he is: “doing [a formula] now for filled pasta, very tasty.” We are looking forward to it Dr Hadley!