Leam’s Red Bull Milkman

All week long Jack Weston will be delivering your daily dose of Red Bull.


I’m not a morning person. So as my alarm went off at 6am this morning, I wondered why I’d agreed to ride along with Jack, Red Bull’s Student Ambassador for Warwick. Having finally gotten out of the house, after hitting the snooze button for 30 minutes, I met Jack with his milk float, who was far too happy for that time in the morning, especially after taking it for a spin to Smack last night (pretty sure he’d already dipped into his Red Bull stock that morning).


Jack with his powerful machine


No Milk Float would be complete without Red Bull can holders.

We went for a tour of Leam in Jack’s death trap, music blaring from the sound system and the orange warning light blasting out, I thought I was in Smack. But this, the newest member of Red Bull Racing, reaches blistering speeds of 15MPH on a full charge, and will be making its way round Leamington over the next week, delivering free Red Bull to those who leave their Red Bull box out in the street.


Your Golden Ticket to free Red Bull

After a few hours of doing deliveries, struggling up hills and almost being hit by a bus, we were done. Maybe it was the near-death experiences causing adrenaline, or the sheer amount of  Red Bull consumed, but sleep was no longer an option for today.

So as you sleep tonight and tomorrow spare a thought for the Red Bull man working tirelessly to give you energy for the day ahead. And if you’re doing the stride of pride be sure to wave at him because I’m sure he’ll be able to sort you out with a Red Bull!


Vialli’s and Red Bull, a perfect combo

If you haven’t received a letter yet, post your address underneath and Jack will endeavour to bring you one. 

Remember there is still the chance to win £30,000 to throw a party on campus on http://nightmaster.redbull.com/