Row my god! Warwick Rowing Makes A Splash

Warwick Women’s Rowing have stripped off again for a charity Naked Calendar.

Warwick Women’s Rowing are at it again, as they launched another naked calendar for 2014, despite last year’s backlash.

The extraOARdinary calendar will also be available for download this year, so you can have them on your screen every day of the year.

The 2013 calendar received fierce criticism from feminists despite raising over £600 pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Layla Haidrani, writing for the Huffington Post, put the girls over her lap and gave their naked bottoms a figurative paddling. She questioned whether the initiative was ‘liberation gone too far’ and accused the girls of ‘helping women to be perpetually viewed as sex objects.’

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.17.11

Hettie Reed, naked rower and the brains behind the calendar brawn, appears to feel differently. She countered, ‘surely what feminists are seeking to achieve is equality for men and women.’ ‘As the men of our club have produced a successful [naked] calendar for the past four years, we are more than entitled to do the same thing.’

In fact, the feminist blogger’s criticism has granted the girls a huge amount of media attention. The Telegraph and Daily Mail have both written articles on the 2014 edition and the Daily Star printed a full page spread under the title ‘Phwoarsome’.

That attention has translated into demand for the calendar. The girls have received over 300 pre-orders from the US alone.

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They said: “this year’s calendar is more to do with raising awareness of the amazing work that Macmillan Cancer Support does’ and hope that this won’t be ‘detracted from by a political debate over the feminist cause.”

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The girls can be followed on Twitter @nakedgirlsrow and the calendar can be ordered online at