ComePlay Is Making a ComeBack

The former night at Altoria is returning with new drinks deals and celebrity guests, but is it enough to bring the crowds in?

ComePlay Leamington, based at Altoria, got off to a shaky start last year.

Despite a huge, 1000-person turnout at the February launch, with Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing ‘pardying’ as the VIP guest, after only four weeks, ComePlay stopped playing and seemed to die a painful death. No one is quite sure what happened, because the success of the first night suggested ComePlay was going to be huge. But alas, ComePlay quietly slunk away after a mere month.

Vaguely remember this from February? Us too...

Vaguely remember this from February? Us too…

Now, it has returned with a vengeance, this time with the promise of some pretty tempting drinks deals (£1.50 vodka mixers and jagerbombs HELLO), two rooms of different music, shisha and those really hot girls that bring you drinks in VIP.  The launch night, on Thursday 17th October, includes the guest host, Geordie Shore’s Scotty T, whose biceps are the size of my head. Despite placing itself in direct competition with Smack on their Twisted Thursdays, the prices are basically matched for entry (£5, £4 on guest list before 11pm for those people super keen to meet the Geordie) and drinks. They are also running a competition on Facebook offering a chance to hang out with Scotty T for a whole ten minutes, which is more than enough time to touch his biceps, or try and seduce him, or even both.

Is this enough to secure ComePlay's ComeBack goes off with a bang?

Is this enough to ensure that ComePlay’s ComeBack goes off with a bang?

ComePlay appear to be returning with a steely determination to impress the public, and with promises of even more celebrity hosts in later weeks (such as Made In Chelsea’s Andy Jordan on Thursday 24th October who is really attractive. But sadly has a girlfriend, so we’ll have to find another way to spend that ten minutes), themed nights and a huge range of music, I’d say it’s looking pretty good. You will likely see me there, drunk off dirt-cheap Jagerbombs.