They came, they played, they conquered?

The Tab tries Jamie Laing

‘ComePlay Warwick’ is the new night that is professing to revitalise the sagging corpse that is nightlife in Royal Leamington Spa.

As an already established student night in venues across the UK, including London, Bristol and Cardiff, it seemed like a Warwick student night on par with these social giants could almost be too good to be true. The Tab decided to investigate further and see whether this could be the new Tuesday staple in Leamington to replace the one and only I <3 Smack…

Z list celebrity galore.

Of course, being Altoria, the night was all about the VIP floor, where the Grey Goose was flowing more than a One World Week party at LeDice and there were more blazers than at a sample sale at Hugo Boss. The urban myth that the good stuff gets you more drunk seemed to be proven, as the Goose definitely had the people feeling loose and ready to ‘party with a D’ as the celebrity guest descended to mingle amongst us Warwick peons.

Obviously the main attraction of the night was the presence of Jamie Laing of ‘Made In Chelsea’ fame. The Tab grabbed a quick word with him early on in the night, with him telling us, “ComePlay is one of the best student nights around at the moment, Leamington should get excited.” A white lie if ever we heard one…


Jamie was pretty excited himself to be in the presence of some of Warwick’s finest, although when asked if he’d seen any girls who put the ‘wah’ into Warwick, he suddenly turned bashful.

If we were expecting him to stay all night we would have been pretty disappointed, he left after about an hour of failed attempts at chirpsing with some Warwick 9s, albeit leaving some lucky ladies with bragging rights to last a lifetime and plenty of people happy with a photo guaranteed to rake in the Facebook likes.

While the girls of Warwick were busy fighting tooth and nail for a chance to meet the McVitie’s heir, the boys were happily distracted by the ‘ComePlay Kittens’, i.e. some scantily clad ladies whose job it was to stand around and look pretty, although I’m sure if we’d done a bit more investigative reporting we would have seen them thumbing through a copy of The Female Eunuch

Getting cosy with the boi Jamie

After the first night at ComePlay Warwick, students seem to be completely enamoured, with second year student Lewis Walker proclaiming, “Everyone in VIP seemed to be giving it their all,” but did also add that he felt commitment was lacking in the decidedly less impressive Uber. “As for the smoking area,” he suggested, “more cigs needed to be slayed if this night was go down in history.”

It definitely seems like ComePlay at Altoria will be overtaking LeDice as the new playground for Warwick’s biggest and best ‘ballers’ but time will only tell if the night can truly compete with a classic vodbull-fuelled Tuesday night at Smack.