SUSU approves 24/7 library referendum

Plans for Hartley Library to be open 24 hours are being put to students.

You know the feeling. It’s 11.59pm and you’re in the library. You’ve just slammed your 5th Red Bull with a shot of espresso as a chaser. You’ve got a deadline in 9 hours and you won’t be falling asleep any time soon.

Normally at this time, it would be the moment where your train of thought is interrupted, you have to stop working, pack up your things and head home to continue this evening-cum-morning work session, where the risk of watching Netflix all night or falling asleep is very real.

If this sounds like you, then this is your chance to defeat this vicious cycle and continue working undisturbed.

Following in the footsteps of many other institutions around the country, Hartley library is now facing a referendum hosted by SUSU on whether it students agree with University plans to become a 24 hour service or not after a Union Council vote approved the motion last Monday.

SUSU have decided not to take a stance on this topic, with VP of Welfare Sam Bailey stating “Sabbatical officers will remain impartial in the referendum”, but despite maintaining neutrality, they have already facilitated a meeting on Wednesday (21st October) and are urging as many people as possible to come forward to ensure that both sides have the leadership they need.

Ben Franklin also admitted to the Council that “If we move to referendum and the students say no, the University may keep the library open anyway”, leading to some suggestions that the referendum is a waste of SUSU’s resources and student’s time.

SUSU have published a list of “pros and cons” to help students make an informed decision. ‘Pros’ include “Fitting in with the student clock of staying up late”, Allowing students to “get the most out of [their] education”, and that “it would be possible to study in groups”.

SUSU’s list of ‘cons’ include “Safety issues involved with leaving later at night”, “Resources needed may not be accessible 24/7”, and “the proposed £84,000 could be used to improve other services”.

They also claims it “isn’t necessarily healthy to encourage working through the night”.

Students will be asked to vote on the question “Should Hartley Library be open 24 hours a day, year-round?” on the SUSU website on Friday 30th October between 12:01am and 8pm.

For more details, check out SUSU’s blog.