NUS Referendum: SUSU Accused of Bias

This week SUSU has received complaints accusing them of being biased towards the NUS in this referendum on their website.

Today is the first day of campaigning for the NUS Referendum. Last month, Union council voted for SUSU to hold a referendum on whether it should be part of the NUS or not.

This week SUSU has received official complaints accusing them of being biased towards the NUS on their website. Since campaigning began this morning, a number of ‘NO to the NUS’ campaigners have been voicing their frustrations on Facebook.

The NUS claim that they could help SUSU save £44,800 in trading goods such as food and alcohol, a number shown on the SUSU website. One anti-NUS campaigner commented on this: “It isn’t impartial. The fact sheet makes it look like it [the saving] is guaranteed”.

More amusingly, another campaigner simply set his status to “incandescent with rage”.

They have also accused the ‘YES to the NUS’ team of lies on their posters and manifesto where it said, “More money for your Clubs and Societies”.

One member of the SUSU team promoting the event shared earlier on Facebook, saying “Wow promoting the impartial website and an impartial referendum is super unpopular right now!”

Things quickly got personal, as she later shared, “Never have so many people who call themselves my friends completely missed the point!”

SUSU have yet to make an official statement.

The Tab will be covering more on this story over the coming days.