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Sheffield has ranked as the 25th safest city in the UK for a night out

Just another reason to love Sheffield

Sheffield has been ranked as the 25th safest city for a night out in the UK, with an overall rating of 5.60 out of ten.

The information has been sourced from Numbeo, and was used to compile Get Licensed’s index in March 2022.

Sheffield sits in the middle of the rankings, with Numbeo giving it a safety index score of 55.32 out of 100, which has actually risen since to 56.10.

The city has also been scored out of 100 for a number of issues relating to how safe it’s population feels when on a night out.

Rating the level of safety walking alone at night, Numbeo’s data gave Sheffield 46.18 out of 100, which has also risen to 47.35 thanks to the information given by residents.

43.95 out of 100 is the score given to the city when describing the level of worry the population has about being mugged or robbed.

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