Woman claims she was sexually assaulted at Code nightclub in Sheffield

When she went to ask for help, the woman claims the bouncers ‘physically assaulted’ her

A woman claims she was sexually assaulted at Code nightclub in Sheffield on Wednesday 30th March.

When Eleanor asked security for help, she claims a bouncer “physically assaulted” her while trying to remove her from the club.

The incident left Eleanor “physically injured” and feeling “traumatised.”

At around 3.10am, Eleanor was making her way to the downstairs section of Code when she claims she was sexually assaulted by a male passerby.

She told staff about the alleged assault but, a short while after, Eleanor and her friends ended up getting kicked out of the club.

When Eleanor challenged why she was being removed, she claims staff said: “I don’t care it’s time for you to go.”

The woman did not understand why she was being removed and a dispute broke out between the bouncers and her friends.“I was going to walk away but then I thought no, this guy has no reason to touch you. I didn’t understand. This guy had sexually assaulted me yet it was us being kicked out,” Eleanor said.

She claims she was then manhandled and forced out despite repeatedly asking the bouncer to let go of her. The incident left Eleanor covered in bruises. “He was pushing me and grabbing me,” she said. “At this point Naomi [her friend] started filming and then he started shouting and swearing at her.”

Footage taken by Eleanor shows another angle from outside the club of a bouncer walking towards Naomi.

In this video, the bouncer walks towards Naomi, pushing his hand towards her phone which suggests he is trying to grab or knock the phone out of her hands.

Footage from the incident shows a bouncer shouting aggressively in a female students face repeatedly shouting, “You can fuck off filming me,” as he moves closer towards her. The bouncer adds: “I’m fucking sick of this.”

Reflecting on the incident, Eleanor says, “It’s left us both traumatised. It’s left me physically injured. I’ve got a bruise on my upper left arm from where the security guard physically assaulted me. I’ve had to take days off work.”

Code has been contacted for comment.