Bernie outside the Diamond

Seven pictures of Bernie as a Sheffield student you didn’t know you needed

Who knew a man in mittens could be so iconic

Bernie Sanders has once again gone viral. At President Biden’s inauguration, Bernie was spotted sitting with his knitted mittens, face mask and the same iconic jacket from his previous viral meme. 

Thanks to a new website, Bernie can now sit wherever you desire (not a sentence I thought I would ever write). Simply enter a location or upload an image and enjoy! My only ask is that you put him somewhere warm.

We decided to take Bernie on a tour of the iconic Sheff landmarks, where he definitely needs all those layers.

The Diamond

Bernie outside the Diamond

Photo from Google street view.

Bernie feels the need to have his back turned to the Diamond.

Falafel King

Bernie outside Falafel King

Photo from Google street view.

Two icons in one photo!

Firth Court

Bernie at Firth Court

Photo from Google street view.

Both Bernie and Firth Court are looking well matured.

Botanical Gardens

Bernie in the park

His feet are firmly planted in the Botanical Gardens.


Bernie outside Corp!

Photo taken from the Corporation Facebook page.

Bernie will do anything for a blue pint.

The Peaks

Bernie in the Peaks

After a morning of hiking, Bernie takes a rest in the Peaks.

The SU

Bernie at the su

Bernie patiently waiting for Pop Tarts to return.

Visit this site for him to come to you.

The images were also made with the use of this site but it is currently down due to funding constraints.

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