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BREAKING: Multiple fire crews rush to lab ‘explosion’ at Sheffield Uni science department

There’s eight fire engines

Students and staff are warned to "stay away" from a Sheffield Uni sciences department after fire crews rushed to a lab "explosion" tonight.

A fire broke out at the Nanoscience and Technology Building on Broad Lane at around 6pm.

Eight fire engines, police and hazardous response teams rushed there on blue lights.

Everyone has been evacuated from the building and University Security are currently outside stopping anyone from entering.

A fire officer on scene told The Sheffield Tab that the blaze involved hazardous chemicals.

The University of Sheffield said: “We advise our staff, students and members of the public to stay away from the area.”

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Fire crews outside the science building tonight (Picture: Ewan Somerville)

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Many blue lights were flashing (Picture: Ewan Somerville

Two hazardous response chemical teams, two fire response cars and police officers also attended.

A student on scene told The Tab Sheffield that a crowd of at least 20 people inside was evacuated at 6pm and were still waiting outside two hours later.

"The fire alarm went and fire crews rushed here on blue lights," she said.

"There was an explosion in the lab."

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Everyone inside the building was evacuated (Picture: Ewan Somerville)

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Fire crew said chemicals caught on fire in a lab (Picture: Ewan Somerville)

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield said: “We are aware of a fire in the Nanoscience and Technology Building at our North Campus on Broad Lane this evening. Police and the fire service are at the scene and are dealing with the situation."

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have been contacted for comment.

More to follow…

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*Cover image by Ewan Somerville*