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A new sleeping room has opened in the IC


All-nighters just got easier as a sleeping room has just opened in the IC.

Students will be able to nap as they please in The Garden Room, a new "place of relaxation and calm", located on the ground floor to replace the former book collection space.

It will be open 24 hours a day to cater for deadline-weary students, with the library saying it will "lower levels of stress and anxiety".

The dim-lit room, which opened at 10am today, features potted plants, pictures, luxury chairs, and modern decorations.

The University Library team say they have worked with students to make it a "calming environment" focused on wellbeing.

It also contains books to help students "take some time out from using their electronic devices", the library said. A member of library staff told The Sheffield Tab that napping was allowed in the room.

But some were left wondering how a room with a dozen chairs will cater for more than 1,000 students that regularly fill the IC every day, especially during exam period.

One third year student said: "It seems silly to make this room which will only provide for around 10 students at a time.

"If I was stressed or anxious about work I'd probably want to leave the building, not go into a small room."

Change Lab, which designed the room, said: "We are a student group that wanted to and felt the need for a wellbeing focused area where students could really relax in our University.

"We hope The Garden Room will be the perfect spot for you to relax, be positive, improve your mood and dream big!"

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